GTA 6 fans panic - in case they die before it launches

GTA 6 fans panic - in case they die before it launches
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Joseph Kime


21st Jun 2023 17:10

It would be silly to pass Grand Theft Auto 6 off as a mere video game. It's more than that, it's an event. There's no doubt that the launch of the long-awaited sixth mainline Grand Theft Auto game will be a big deal.

Looking back at its predecessor, it's safe to expect the biggest modern video game launch of all time when it hits store shelves. Fans are already foaming at the mouth while searching for any minor morsel about the game, digging up leaks that all seem to contradict each other in a bid to learn more.

Sadly, all that excitement about mythical release dates that could be years away is leading them to an existential crisis. What if they don't make it to GTA 6?

GTA fans are scared of death, suddenly

Is anyone else having genuine anxiety about dying before GTA 6 comes out?
by u/swifto12 in GTA

As Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive keep us in the dark when it comes to a GTA 6 release date, one GTA superfan has taken to Reddit. They claim that they're simply so excited to experience the next chapter of Grand Theft Auto, they're wrought by fears of perishing before the game has a chance to launch.

"Is anyone else having genuine anxiety about dying before GTA 6 comes out?" posits the post in the GTA subreddit. "I drank two cups of coffee this morning, my heart fluttered a bit and my first thought was 'Oh god, please no, not before GTA 6.' Funnily enough, we can't all say we've been there.

Finding the funny side of it all, one fan wrote, "Don't worry, scientists will find the cure for dying before GTA VI comes out," while another added, "When GTA VI comes out we would have already invented time travel."

Some were more serious though, as someone else lamented, "I'm 39 right now. I expect to hit AARP age before it does. GTA 6 will likely be the last game I ever play in the franchise. I definitely expect to be dead before GTA 7 happens. It's depressing to think about." Talk about a bummer.

Some kind of understanding of death is a good thing, we suppose, but we'd hope that people would have a grasp on something more important than a video game launch. But thankfully, we guess it's not as literal as we thought.

GTA's death crisis is a copypasta

Is anyone else having genuine anxiety about dying before elden ring comes out?
by u/OLD_WET_HOLE in Eldenring

Thanks to a select few comments in the sea of other Reddit users making fun of the original poster, we know that this post is actually just a copypasta - originally sourced from the Elden Ring subreddit talking about the FromSoftware game.

It's also been spotted in the subreddit for Spider-Man 2, so it seems a few are in on the joke. We're reassured that people aren't terrified of death as a result of GTA, but equally, whatever gets them over the line of existential acceptance is a good thing. Make sure you check up on your local GTA Reddit poster.

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