Pokefans Explain Which Pokemon They Hate For No Reason

Pokefans Explain Which Pokemon They Hate For No Reason
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Joseph Kime


10th Nov 2022 10:31

There's a lot to love in Pokemon. A bunch of funny wee guys pottering around their regions and routes, fighting humans until they're restrained and forced to fight each other - how could you not fall in love with that?

The literal nature of the Pokemon world aside, the cute, moody, and downright badass critters that lie in wait in the almost 1000-strong roster of monsters could appeal to anyone, but of course, it means there are some that simply don't hit the mark.

Though Pokemon fans aren't particularly quiet, they do often need something of an outlet for their disdain - so it's just as well that they've taken to Reddit to moan about the Pokemon they hate.

Pokemon Fans Discuss Their Least Favourite Pokemon

Despite there being so much to love in Pokemon, there are some Pocket Monsters that face a seemingly irrationally hated. Fans know this better than anyone else, and so they're shacked up on Reddit to shoot the s**t.

"What's a Pokemon that you hate but you can't explain the reason why?" asks a post by user Xoffles in the unofficial Pokemon subreddit.

"Personally l really hate Togepi. l really can't explain why other than l really don't like the design and the evolutions. All l see in that egg is pure evil and disappointment. l love almost every single pokémon except that little egg."

Fans have taken this idea and run with it, with one user being particularly unhappy with Sawk and Throh. "Karate Bert and Judo Ernie. They've been in every new generation since they came out and every time I see them I just want to punch their designer."

Pokemon Fans Hate Sprigatito's Final Evolution

Other hated 'Mon include Ratatta, Luvdisc, and even poor Machop. Someone else added, "I never liked the monkey trio+evos from gen 5, there is something about them that bugs me." Another added, "Weavile is already such a good Sneasel evolution and then you have Sneasler which is just a stretched out sneasel with weird proportions." Finally, someone concluded, "Pansage, Pansear, Panpour, and their evolutions. My god those things looked hideous."

It's not just Pokemon that are hated for no reason - fans are taking to the internet to lambast the leaked new final evolution of Sprigatito. We won't spoil the Pokemon's design here, but if you want to take a peek at the leaked final evolution, you can do so here. Reason or not, we've all got that Pokemon that we just can't stand. It's Drowzee for us. Shudder.

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