Surprise Gotham Knights DLC leaked with Batman villains

Surprise Gotham Knights DLC leaked with Batman villains
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27th Apr 2023 14:47

Hey, do you remember Gotham Knights? Surely some of you must remember Warner Bros. Montreal's so-so superhero outing? Well now, a surprise Gotham Knights DLC could be on the way.

Gotham Knights was billed as WB Montreal's answer to Rocksteady's Batman games and felt like something of a continuation in a world where our hopes of an Arkham Knight sequel were crushed. It failed on almost every level to live up to the Arkham trilogy - leaving us questioning, why not just leave it to Rocksteady?

What is the Gotham Knights DLC tease?

Over on Twitter, the official Gotham Knights DLC gave a cryptic tease that even the Riddler might struggle to decipher. We're told the villains have gathered for some unknown reason, with artwork showing Harley Quinn, Mr Freeze, and Clayface with a mystery man in a suit.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out this is probably Harvey Dent/Two-Face, hinting that he could be the big bad of a potential Gotham Knights DLC. There was the free addition of the Heroic Assault and Showdown modes in November last year, but it feels like we're lacking a full-blown DLC.

Doing some sleuthing a certain "Detective" would be proud of, @ArkhamVideos found a list of new achievements that seemingly confirms redesigned boss fights for Clayface and co, as well as new Supercharged criminals and Most Wanted criminals.

Whether this is all we're getting remains to be seen, but as you can imagine, the notoriously sceptical gaming industry isn't expecting Gotham Knights to suddenly turn it around. Nor are we hopeful for another Arkham Episodes-inspired pack of DLCs.

Do we really need a Gotham Knights DLC?

Gotham Knights Mr Freeze boss fight
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Warner Bros. Montreal

On Reddit, one joked does it come with a 60 FPS upgrade, mocking the 30 FPS drama that embroiled the supposedly new-gen Gotham Knights before launch. Another added, "This just screams a last-minute scramble to provide some DC gaming content due to Suicide Squad being delayed again."

It's clear not everyone wants to return to this underwhelming version of Gotham City, as one wrote, "Give up pls," while another added, "They'd like to be in a Batman game with Batman and are trying to figure out how they got into this mess of a game."

We imagine WB will milk this cash cow for all it's worth, and seeing the dollar signs, one gamer grumbled, "It'd better be free, because this screams repurposing existing content. Seems like almost nothing new. If it's an actual paid DLC but with all the same bosses … yikes."

Another lamented, "9 years, 9 years since Arkham Knight, We could have had an amazing spin-off game about a new Batman where you can play as his successors that were introduced in Knight. But no, Gotham Knights and the Suicide Squad exist. It makes me so disappointed."

We'll have to wait and see what Gotham Knights is packing in the belfry, but if we've learned one thing about this game, it's to not expect anything - that way, you can't be disappointed. 

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