The Callisto Protocol Fires Shots At Gotham Knights On Twitter

The Callisto Protocol Fires Shots At Gotham Knights On Twitter
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Joseph Kime


19th Oct 2022 13:49

Fans are starting to look at Gotham Knights with a little more confusion. As the superhero game's release is just around the corner - and suggestions that the critical reception is going to be less than kind to it - fans' shaky hopes fare starting to crumble as they cancel their pre-orders in droves

And now, as the announcement that a 30 FPS cap on Gotham Knights has come and gone, players are considerably less keen to give the game a chance. Everyone is goofing on Gotham Knights - and apparently, that includes other AAA games.

Why Is The Callisto Protocol Trolling Gotham Knights?

In an unexpected jab at its gaming colleague, the Twitter account for The Callisto Protocol seems to have made a comment about its own performance at the expense of Gotham Knights

Last night, the rumour mill went into overdrive when players discovered a listing for The Callisto Protocol that revealed it would be landing on February 12 2023. This is different from its previously confirmed release date of December 2, 2022. 

The horror title's Twitter account has come forward to confirm that this isn't the case, boasting about its own performance in the process. "We would love to inform you all that we will be shipping globally on December 2nd," reads the reminder. "And yes, we'll have a 60 FPS performance mode." Meow.


Fans React To The Callisto Protocol's Burn On Gotham Knights

Call it an unnecessary callout all you like, but it seems that fans are loving the cattiness of the post from The Callisto Protocol. Someone even wrote "pre-order confirmed," which feels like a massive dunk on Gotham Knights. However, another warned, "The last time a developer openly fired shots like this we ended up with Cyberpunk 2077’s launch. Tread lightly."


The post has served as something of a reminder for gamers that the industry isn't quite as forgiving for games that don't meet its performance expectations. It proves games like Gotham Knights probably aren't in for a good time from fans. Brace for impact, Knights fans.

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