Arkham Origins Remaster Shows What Gotham Knights Could've Been

Arkham Origins Remaster Shows What Gotham Knights Could've Been
Images via Reddit Supercom6000 | Warner Bros. Montreal

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Tom Chapman


24th Oct 2022 13:00

In terms of underrated superhero video games, there's a lot to be said for Arkham Origins. As the black sheep of the Arkhamverse, Warner Bros. Montreal delivered big in this prequel to Rocksteady's acclaimed Arkham Asylum

The 2013 game follows a younger Dark Knight, with Batman taking on a packed rogues gallery on a wintery Christmas night. This caped caper has gained a cult following in recent years, and now, someone has given it a new-gen remaster that puts Gotham Knights to shame.

What Is The Arkham Origins Remaster?

Posting on Reddit, u/Supercom6000 shared their work on an Arkham Origins remaster. The OP explained they were sick of hearing complaints about Gotham Knight, so instead, showed off what they've been tinkering with for the past few years.

The impressive build has completely overhauled the game's graphics and brought Arkham Origins to modern systems. It's unclear what Supercom6000 is up to in terms of the mod or when it will be done, but safe to say, fans were impressed. At least they confirmed they plan to release it to the masses. 

Praising the Arkham Origins remaster, someone wrote, "It looks fabulous, I hope someday WB Montreal remasters this game on new generation consoles, and I hope the remastered version would look as good as this." Another added, "Before reading the title I thought they were screenshots of 'The Batman (2022)', it really looks nuts," while a third said, "Imma need to buy a good PC whenever this releases bro bc this looks f*****g incredible."


What's Wrong With Gotham Knights?

If clunky combat and a predictable storyline weren't enough to give Gotham Knights a lashing from critics, there was the pre-release reveal that it would be locked to 30 FPS. Players were suitably p*ssed, which led to some cancelling their pre-orders. Especially as the last-gen versions for Xbox One and PS4 were cancelled, we're rightly questioning why this supposedly new-gen game definitely isn't.

There's no news on whether there will be a Gotham Knights sequel or plans for Warner Bros. Montreal to remaster Arkham Origins, but safe to say, confidence in the studio has taken a hit following the release of its second Batman game. At least Supercom6000 is loyal to giving Arkham Origins the modernisation it deserves. If you want to keep track of the remaster's progress, you can follow Return to Arkham Origins on social media.

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