Gotham Knights Players Are Obsessed With Nightwing’s Ass

Gotham Knights Players Are Obsessed With Nightwing’s Ass
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Tom Chapman


21st Oct 2022 13:09

With the review embargo lifting on Gotham Knights, fans are getting their first taste of Warner Bros. Montreal's Batman adventure. Well, with Bruce Wayne dead, it's not quite a Batman game. Despite critics tearing the title apart, at least most of us can agree that Nightwing is serving cake.

One of Gotham Knights' biggest critiques is that it's living in the shadow of Rocksteady's acclaimed Arkham games. On the plus side, we get to see more of the characters Batgirl, Robin, Red Hood, and Nightwing - all of who were playable through various missions or DLCs in Rocksteady's trilogy. You get your pick of who you want to play as, but for some, Nightwing is their only choice.

Why Is Nightwing Going Viral In Gotham Knights?

The subject of Nightwing's butt comes up during a bizarre line of dialogue between the former Boy Wonder and Harley Quinn. With the Clown Princess of Crime commenting on his posterior, it's implied that the two might know each other on an intimate basis. If that wasn't enough, others are using photo mode to get some snaps of Dick Grayson in his skin-tight spandex. 

One simply wrote, "There's a Nightwing game? And he has a fat as? I might need to buy this." Another added, "Y ppl say they nerfed nightwing's ass im watching jerma play & it's so distracting and huge," while a third said, "Damn they really made sure to give nightwing ass in Gotham knights." The objectification isn't just on Nightwing though, with others snapping Batgirl's behind as well. 

If you're new to Gotham Knights, you might know the Glutes of Gotham have been a hot topic for months. In May, Game Director Geoff Ellenor said the WB Montreal team was "comfortable" with the size of Nightwing's ass, while Cinematic Director Wilson Mui later told Play Magazine (via GamesRadar+) that there would be butt shots to "appease fans."


What Are The Fans Saying About Gotham Knights?

Nightwing's booty is up there with the angry debate over 30 FPS in dominating the Gotham Knights conversation. When the disappointing review scores came through, someone joked, "This is what happens when you give Nightwing a flat ass." Another said, "Had the devs committed to making Gotham Knights a good game, they would’ve restored Nightwing’s juicy ass from the comics."

Whether you think Nightwing's ass is too big, too flat, or just right, it won't change the fact Gotham Knights has been bombarded with players cancelling their pre-orders. Also, in an era where sexual harassment is rife in the gaming world, is it really the best discourse to be reducing a game to how big a character's ass is? To be honest, we'd say junk in the trunk is the least of Gotham Knights' problems right now. 

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