Outraged Gotham Knights Fans Are Cancelling Their Pre-Orders

Outraged Gotham Knights Fans Are Cancelling Their Pre-Orders
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18th Oct 2022 12:59

Where is Batman when you need him? It seems the Bruce Wayne-lite Gotham Knights could be in trouble, as Warner Bros. Montreal's superhero ensemble is being dragged through the mud just days before release. Things have gotten so bad, there's a wave of fans claiming they've cancelled their pre-orders. 

With the first hands-on reviews largely branding it a "fine" adventure, things haven't been helped by confirmation Gotham Knights has been locked into 30 FPS with what's supposed to be a new-gen-only game. In 2022, 60 FPS has become the norm for the PS5 and Xbox Series S, so it's unclear why Gotham Knights is falling short.

Why Are Fans Cancelling Their Gotham Knights Pre-Orders?

Over on Twitter, there's been an influx of gamers saying they're cancelling their Gotham Knight pre-orders. Yikes. Namely, the argument revolves around 60 FPS being the "minimum" of what fans expect these days. Especially considering the team cancelled the last-gen PS4 and Xbox One releases, Gotham Knights was pitched as one of the few new-gen-only titles currently on the market.

When someone was asked if they were cancelling their Gotham Knights pre-order, they replied, "Yeah, being a PC player for years I can't deal with 30fps." Someone else added, "So they didn't cancel the last-gen version after all! That's actually what they made, except you need a current-gen system to play it. What a crock," while a third said, "Made the executive decision to cancel my Gotham Knights preorder earlier They’re welcome to get my money later when they have minimum features expected on current consoles or are at half price." 

Another critic raged, "Everybody on console should cancel their Gotham Knights preorders. Even though there's no limit on PC I would understand if you cancelled the PC version because the 30 fps console lock is usually a sign of other bad things." Until Gotham Knights gets a full release, it's hard to determine how it'll fare, but either way, there are some raging gamers right now.


Will Gotham Knights Flop?

Ultimately, Gotham Knights will still probably do fine. There's just enough interest to at least get you to try it out. There's been a lot of buzz about the developer behind the underrated Batman: Arkham Origins returning to this world, and even though we're in a different canon to Rocksteady's beloved Arkham games, there's a definite vibe. Sadly, Gotham Knights has been fighting a losing battle ever since it gave Red Hood magic powers.


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Hopefully, there are just teething problems, with Gotham Knights being the start of a new Batman franchise. Then again, we find ourselves remembering just how beloved Arkham Asylum was back in 2009 without all these issues. Rocksteady is releasing Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League next year, so we just hope the team is learning from the mistakes of Gotham Knights

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