Gotham Knights DLC teased, but fans aren’t impressed

Gotham Knights DLC teased, but fans aren’t impressed
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26th Jul 2023 12:41

It looks like there are still some bats in the belfry, as Warner Bros. Montreal could be teasing a Gotham Knights DLC. The Batman co-op game was released to middling fanfare in October 2022, and with an early tease of DLCs, the time could finally be upon us. 

Gotham Knights launched itself in something of a confusing place, with players not sure if it was supposed to be a sequel to Rocksteady's acclaimed Arkham Trilogy. WB Montreal delivered a wholly unrelated title, and while there were problems, Gotham Knights wasn't without its positives.

Gotham Knights DLC teased by Warner Bros.

Bored Gotham Knights fans spotted that Steam has been silently updating the game, which often comes before the drop of something big. While it's possible it's just the devs tinkering in the back end, some players have their fingers crossed for a Gotham Knights DLC. 

Shortly after launch, dataminers found files that pointed to a playable Batman in-game, but as this didn't arrive in the base game, we've been holding out hope that it'll arrive as part of a DLC. Given Batman's arc in Gotham Knights, it suggests that this mythical DLC would be a prequel. 

Others went rifling through the files and found hints at boss fights featuring Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze, and Clayface - also winking at a Gotham Knights DLC. A Gotham Knights DLC looks increasingly likely, but there's no official release date.

Players aren't impressed with Gotham Knights DLC rumours

Gotham Knights Bruce Wayne
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A DLC with Damian Wayne or bringing back the lost Two-Face villain quest is all well and good, but for many, they'd just like the main game to live up to its new-gen potential. As Gotham Knights ditched its PS4 and Xbox One ports, Batfans were disappointed that it was locked to 30FPS.

The FPS debate rages on, and while some think this update could be a possible patch, a moneymaking DLC is much more likely. This has rattled fans, who can see exactly where WB is going with this. One disgruntled gamer grumbled, "It probably won't ever get a 60fps mode."

Another lamented, "Gotham Knights had SO much potential," and a third added, "Conceptually I love the idea of a Bat family game. But making this a Live service game was a such a poor decision." It seems Gotham Knights is forever trapped in the shadow of Rocksteady's games, and to be honest, a DLC isn't going to fix that. 

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