Someone Actually Made Lego God Of War

Someone Actually Made Lego God Of War
Images via Sony Santa Monica | ThrillDaWill

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Tom Chapman


7th Dec 2022 16:27

If you build it, they will come. You might remember when we wrote about the idea for a Lego God of War. Well, someone only went and bloody built it, didn't they?

Away from the mainline God of War games and various prequels, there have been spin-offs like Betrayal and Chains of Olympus that have paled in comparison to their bigger siblings. All of that could change with Lego God of War.

What Is Lego God Of War?

After someone suggested a Lego God of War game, the idea soon took off. More than just coming up with concept art like Bricks of Chaos has been doing on Instagram, someone has created an actual game... that you can play.

While we imagined a Lego God of War game would play out a bit like Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga with hubs for each entry, this is a straight-up Lego God of War Ragnarok. The latest entry in Sony Santa Monica's saga has only just come out, so they're striking while the iron is hot.

This imaginative Lego God of War is the work of ThrillDaWill, who we've highlighted for creating a Lego Fallout game. As reported by PCGamesN, ThrillDaWill has created a working version of the game.

"Everyone's been playing God of War and it looks like a ton of fun," jokes ThrillDaWill. "Only problem is I'm broke and cannot afford a PS5… so we're just going to have to use Lego models and my failing GPU." 

There's a lego Leviathan Axe that will twirl back to Kratos, and while this is lacking the boss battles that make Ragnarok so great, there's the added bonus of Kratos yelling "BOI" when you spam the F button.

Will There Be A God Of War Ragnarok Sequel?

If you want to play Lego God of War, head over to Even though we won't spoil the ending here, there's still definitely scope for the God of War name to continue. Looking at the successes of 2018's God of War and Ragnarok, we'd be surprised if they didn't. 

Sadly, we know our time in the Nine Realms is coming to an end. There won't a third game in Norse mythology, meaning we're throwing open the doors to where we could go next. If we follow Assassin's Creed's roadmap, there are any number of mythologies that could reinvent the franchise. 

As for Lego God of War, it remains little more than a pipe dream or a free demo you can find on Steam. While Ragnarok's actual PC release remains up in the air, at least we've got ThrillDaWill's game to play. 

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