God of War actor teases what's next for Atreus

God of War actor teases what's next for Atreus
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Tom Chapman


4th Apr 2023 10:50

Sunny Suljic is ready to draw back his bow once more, as the fan-favourite God of War actor has teased what's next for Atreus. We've all heard about a mythical God of War Ragnarok sequel, and now, it sounds like Fimbulwinter is thawing. 

Although the writing was on the wall that 2022's Ragnarok would live up to the "Ragnarok" part of its name and signal the end of days, that wasn't quite the case. Although we've closed the book on our time in the Nine Realms, is anyone really buying that this is the end of the story? 

What's next for Atreus in God of War?

Older Atreus God of War
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Rodrigo Idalino

Speaking to TheGamer, Suljic discussed Atreus' arc and where he sees Kratos' wayward son going in the franchise's future: "I think there are so many routes where Atreus can go, and people working on the narrative aspects will have a better idea of this than I would."

He continued, "I think it would be cool to see Atreus grow into a man. I've had the opportunity to grow up with the character as well, so I feel like I can see myself a lot in the character as well, so I feel like we're both developing at the same time."

Artist Rodrigo Idalino previously shared a fan-made version of what an older Atreus could look like (see above), and we've got to admit it's pretty gnarly. As for other interesting ways Atreus could evolve, remember when 2018 God of War Director Cory Barlog said Atreus could be gay

Suljic clearly isn't done with the role, and only recently, threw his hat in the ring to play Atreus in live-action for Amazon's God of War series. Even if he doesn't land the part, we expect to see Suljic play Atreus again in whatever comes after Ragnarok

Is a God of War Ragnarok sequel on the way?

Without spoiling too much, the end of Ragnarok left more than enough breadcrumbs for a sequel. While we know there won't be a third game in the Norse saga, there are plenty of other mythologies out there to explore.

Some thought Ragnarok would give a segue back into the Greek mythology that started the series, while others have been calling for a move into Chinese mythology. Either way, it seems most parties are ready to suit up in their mo-cap suits.

Tyr actor Ben Prendergast told fans at PAX East 2023 showcase (via Shark Games), "And I'll say this – it isn't the last you've seen of Tyr." We last left Tyr contemplating the sacrifices made through Ragnarok, and even if we're moving on from Midgard, Tyr could be coming with us. 

Many assumed Kratos would hand over the God of War baton to Atreus, and although it didn't happen, a time jump with an older Atreus makes the most sense if the franchise is going to continue being the chart-topping success it is. Either way, we expect Atreus to be hitting a bullseye sooner rather than later. 

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