Gamers Demand Lego God Of War Adaptation

Gamers Demand Lego God Of War Adaptation
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Tom Chapman


28th Nov 2022 16:39

"Boi" are we excited about this one? As the final credits have rolled on Sony Santa Monica's God of War Ragnarok, gamers are calling for a Lego video game adaptation of Kratos' story. 

Since 2005, God of War has seen the Ghost of Sparta and his Blades of Chaos become a staple of the Sony scene. 2018's God of War is held as one of the best games of all time, while its 2022 sequel is on track to live up to its legacy. 

While we're not sure what's next for the God of War series at large, one spin-off we'd love to see is a Lego God of War that charts the scorched plains of Ancient Greece and the wintery wilds of the Nine Realms.

Could We See A Lego God Of War Game?

One post on Reddit shares the idea for Lego God of War, and it soon took off. There are currently 2.4k upvotes, as Kratos fans are giving their own thoughts on how this mythical game could play out.

Championing the concept of a bloody Lego game, one gamer wrote, "I have been asking for this for too long, they could censor it to make it kid friendly but also have the takedowns because it's Lego, I want it to happen."

Another said, "Imagine the brutalities. Red studs everywhere," while a third joked, "I love it and think it's pointless at the same time." Not everyone was convinced though. A fourth concluded, "A video game? Nah, I'll pass. But God of War lego sets though... Sindri's house could be a great UCS set with a bunch of minifigs."

Ultimately though, a Lego God of War game seems pretty unlikely. Lego has always tried to be a family-friendly brand, so seeing a blocky Kratos decapitate Medusa or rip Hermes' bricky wings off likely won't fly with the Danish toy giant.

Someone Has Already Made Lego God Of War?

One Redditor pointed to the Bricks of Chaos Instagram account, which has been creating concepts for a Legoised GoW. It's pretty impressive to see everyone from Ares to Prometheus. We also see an imaginative Dairy Cow alternative of Kratos himself. 

In terms of licensing, Sony exclusives aren't completely new to Lego. Earlier this year, you'll remember there was a Horizon Forbidden West tie-in. Sadly, we think God of War is just too dark to warrant its own set, let alone a whole game.

God of War Lego might not be an officially licensed product, but that hasn't stopped gamers from making it a reality. In 2018, someone made their own Alfheim set, and with Ragnarok now out there, expect there to be another uptick in calls for the Ghost of Sparta to get a plastic makeover. 

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