Lego Fallout Is Free-To-Play

Lego Fallout Is Free-To-Play
Images: ThrillDaWill

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Joseph Kime


31st Oct 2022 13:09

Fans have been wondering for some time what's next for the Fallout franchise. There are obviously the ongoing updates and content boosts to Fallout 76, which remains a pretty controversial addition to the mythos of the franchise, and the upcoming Fallout TV show at Amazon which could yet be ages away.

Fans who love the series are desperate for more, and with the expanse that it offers, there are so many stories yet to tell. And apparently, fans are taking it into their own hands, with a rather blocky lick of paint.

The Unofficial Lego Fallout Game Is Here - And It's Free

As initially reported by PC Gamer, one game developer and YouTuber has managed to develop an unofficial spin-off of the Fallout series entirely in the Lego aesthetic. Better yet, they've made it free-to-play for the public.

The video posted to ThrillDaWill's YouTube channel has revealed the Lego Fallout game in all of its glory, showing off some of the behind-the-scenes details for the title, as well as flexing the brilliant mechanics and locales of the game.

The video is immensely impressive, especially considering that it also packs its own version of the technically advanced V.A.T.S system to add to the Fallout immersion. The game might not be perfect, with its creator indicating that bugs and glitches will still be prevalent in its current form, but regardless, fans can get their hands on the game for completely free.


How Can I Download Lego Fallout?

If you want to bag the creative game for yourself, then all you need to do is head to ThrillDaWill's site and get it downloaded. Once you've got the game's .RAR file downloaded, the only thing you have to do from there is extract it to wherever you'd like it to sit in your computer's memory, and double-click the .EXE file buried inside.

Lego Fallout is a great testament to the creativity of Fallout fans, and just what lengths that fans will go to for another fix. As Bethesda twiddles its thumbs and we're warned Fallout 5 is many years away, we've found you a new hire.

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