God of War 6 heads to Ancient Egypt in jaw-dropping trailer

God of War 6 heads to Ancient Egypt in jaw-dropping trailer
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26th Sep 2023 16:29

It could be time for Kratos to pick up his Blades of Chaos once again, as a glossy trailer for a mythical God of War 6 heads to Ancient Egypt for more mythological madness from the Ghost of Sparta. Following the chart-topping success of 2022's God of War Ragnarok, players are rightly asking what's next.

Since Kratos first flexed his muscles in 2005's God of War, the PlayStation-exclusive action-adventure has been going from strength to strength. Leaving behind the scorched plains of Ancient Greece for 2018's God of War served as more than a soft reboot, breathing new life into the series.

God of War 6 trailer takes us to Ancient Greece

YouTube account Unreal Concept has shown off a jaw-dropping trailer for God of War 6, swooping across a desert skyline of Egyptian monuments. It ends with Kratos turning to the camera, saying, "We have a long journey ahead." Although unseen, it implies Atreus is accompanying his father once again. 

Following the icy adventures of 2018's God of War and Ragnarok, there's a sense of familiarity as we return to sun-baked lands. It's been a decade since God of War: Ascension waved goodbye to Ancient Greece, and while there's a sense of familiarity, it shows where the story could go next.

We've long known that there won't be a Norse trilogy, and while some feared it meant Ragnarok would kill Kratos, he's lived to fight another day. The end of Ragnarok teased that we could return to Greek mythology, but taking a leaf out of Assassin's Creed's book, we say try somewhere new.

God of War (2018) was nearly set in Ancient Greece

Egyptian Easter egg God of War Ragnarok
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Although we've heard pitches for Atreus and Kratos to head to Chinese mythology for another father and son saga, Ancient Egypt has far more connective tissue. The novelisation of 2005's God of War mentions that Ares is causing trouble in Ancient Egypt, while there's also a mention of him confronting Poseidon by the Lighthouse of Pharos.

Dark Horse's God of War: Fallen God has Kratos journey to Egypt between the events of the two eras, and if you look closely, the Egyptian Ankh is one of Midgard's stolen treasures. You don't realise how close the two are, as Cory Barlog confirmed (via Game Rant) that God of War 2018 was nearly set in Ancient Greece. 

Barlog has name-dropped future games possibly tackling Egyptian or Mayan mythologies, and if God of War 6 looks anything like the above trailer, we could be in for a treat. Just imagine Kratos beating the living hell out of Anubis while being dragged down to the Egyptian underworld. 

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