Original God of War trilogy remaster rumoured to be on the way

Original God of War trilogy remaster rumoured to be on the way
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Ben Williams


24th Dec 2023 10:57

Lovers of the original God of War trilogy could see the classic games return as a remaster, according to a new rumour.

Although many modern PlayStation players have only known Kratos through God of War's namesake soft reboot in 2018 plus its Ragnarok sequel, new fans could soon experience the beginnings of his story for the first time - to the additional delight of veterans who've played the original games God of War (2005), God of War II (2007), and God of War III (2010) back in the day.

Where has the God of War remaster rumour come from?

God of War (2005) and God of War 2, two games which would be in the rumoured remaster of the original trilogy
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The reported rumour of the original God of War trilogy comes from Nick Baker, a reputable leaker on the XboxEra podcast with Jeff Grubb. According to a source mentioned on episode 191 of the show, "The 4th Annual Grubbsmas Shpeshaltacular" Baker goes into what he's heard in the "Rumormill Part 3" segment - touching on a fact he's not been a fan of the newer games' direction. 

"I for a long time have been a person who has bemoaned the direction God of War went somewhat and have yearned for the hack-and-slash OG God of War games; I just love them so much", says Baker.

He continues, "And when I heard that this might be happening, I told a friend of mine who also loves the OG God of War trilogy that this might be happening, then they got very excited, and I've heard that we might be getting the original God of War trilogy remastered on PlayStation"

Baker goes on to mention he's unclear on whether this would be set for a 2024 or even 2025 release, along with the fact he wants to get more detail on what sort of remaster this would be.

"Is this a straight-up port of what we got on PS3? In which case, I'm somewhat less excited. Or is this something more involved in remake realm", he asks. Whichever way, the host sounds confident in saying "but what I've heard is...OG God of War trilogy remaster". 

Do we need a GoW trilogy remaster?

We need to repeat that this report of an original God of War trilogy remaster is indeed a rumour, so take everything you've heard here and in the aforementioned podcast with a pinch of salt. 

Nevertheless, the chance to play Kratos' original story would be a great opportunity for players old and new. While everyone might not agree on the modern God of War games' direction - like Kratos creator, David Jaffe - many who love the 2018 soft reboot and Ragnarok may have never gotten to play the original trilogy. 

Even though God of War 3 already has a PS4 remaster, the first two games are currently stranded on past PlayStation platforms - only being playable on PS2 or their PS3 collection.

With the additional hype around God of War Ragnarok right now following its free Valhalla DLC, officially ending Kratos' Norse arc, an OG trilogy remaster would be a more than welcome opportunity to visit his original one.

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