A new TMNT game inspired by God of War is coming

A new TMNT game inspired by God of War is coming
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Joseph Kime


24th Mar 2023 11:24

There's no denying that God of War has been a massive inspiration on the gaming world at large, but it may have left shockwaves with Ragnarok that could reverberate for years.

Kratos and Atreus' story ended with Ragnarok last year, and closed a narrative that has been lorded as one of the very best in the medium's history, and that's not a bad adaptation from a hack-and-slash franchise with enough gore to make your nan feel ill.

And now it looks like it's leaving its mark on another nerdy property in a new game that sounds phenomenal.

TMNT: The Last Ronin is getting a AAA video game

A new TMNT game inspired by God of War is coming
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As revealed in a new interview from Polygon, a 2020 comic series based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series. 

Though he admitted that the game is still a "few years off", the senior vice president for games and emerging media at Paramount Global Doug Rosen revealed that the comic series would be the basis for a new AAA game from an unnamed studio.

It will be a third-person action role-playing game, and as Rosen suggests, it will be inspired by the recent God of War games and dedicated to its source material.

He adds that the company wants to take "multiple approaches [to the franchise], and not dial back to make the game something it shouldn’t be," but that becomes particularly relevant when looking at the comic that will be the basis of the game, which is admittedly much darker than what we'd expect of the Turtles.

What is The Last Ronin about?

The Last Ronin only follows one of the Turtles, whose identity is kept under wraps, who wanders a bleak, Dark Knight Returns-esque world after all of his Turtle peers have been killed by the Foot Clan. Our last Turtle standing uses the weapons of all four Turtles to battle through goons in a pretty brutal world in order to enact revenge on Shredder's grandson.

The story is pretty gnarly, and though it's not the Turtles story that fans might expect, it'd certainly make for a pretty sick video game. Roll on the next few years.

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