God of War creator has complaints about Kratos' latest games: 'Someone needs to tell these people no'

God of War creator has complaints about Kratos' latest games: 'Someone needs to tell these people no'
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15th Dec 2023 14:05

It's fair to say the God of War series has stood the test of time. From its humble roots on the scorched plains of Ancient Greece, we enjoyed three mainline games and numerous spin-offs. This wasn't the end of the story, with 2018's soft reboot giving us a bearded and more brutal version of Kratos.

Swapping Ancient Greece for the frozen plains of the Nine Realms, God of War went full Assassin's Creed and embraced a new mythology. While many are disappointed we didn't get a new trilogy, it seems not everyone was that enamoured by Kratos' return to form.

God of War creator isn't a fan of the new games 

As the creator of Kratos, it's only natural that David Jaffe is protective of the character. Still, the ever-opinionated gamer has spoken out about 2018's God of War and 2022's God of War Ragnarok, lambasting the critically acclaimed games for what they've done to the Ghost of Sparta.

Discussing the idea of Kratos being a father, Jaffe moaned, "That is not what this character is. Stop." During his rant, Jaffe made an odd comparison and said, "Don't take the character Kratos of Indiana Jones and go, 'You know what, I'm Stephen Spielberg, I'm older now, and I'm really into family, and I want to tell stories about fathers.'"

Despite Atreus being one of God of War 2018's big wins - showing the softer side of Kratos - Jaffe said, "No, f**k you." While saying he understood the choice, he concluded, "Someone needs to be able to tell these people no sometimes and say, 'Look we love that you're arty-farty, we love that you're taking sh*t from your personal life...

"You need to do all that within the pen that says, 'This is what God of War is, this is what Indiana Jones is.' If you want to make something that's not that, that's cool, but don't f*****g call it God of War." Still, we doubt this will dissuade God of War's legion of fans. 

Jaffe has plenty of problems with God of War

God of War Kratos and Atreus
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Despite apparently liking 2018's God of War when it came out, Jaffe has clearly developed a dislike for it. When it comes to Ragnarok, he said, "I don't like the direction that God of War is going in at all." Although he said it's a wonderfully made game, he's not a fan of Kratos and Atreus' arc. 

You might remember when Jaffe waded into the debate of making Atreus gay, and by the sounds of it, it wasn't something he was completely against. It seems odd that he's now against taking the story in a different direction. 

It's unclear where God of War goes after Ragnarok's Valhalla DLC, but there's already plenty of talk about another game in another new mythology. Something tells us that Cory Barlog won't be turning to Jaffe for story input. 

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