God of War Ragnarok update finally lets Kratos free the nip

God of War Ragnarok update finally lets Kratos free the nip
Sony Santa Monica

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Tom Chapman


7th Apr 2023 13:50

Free the Midgard two - and no, we don't mean Kratos and Atreus. A new update to Sony Santa Monica's beloved God of War Ragnarok allows Kratos to free the nip and put his boys on display for all to enjoy.

Rounding off the Norse saga (albeit too soon) in 2022, Ragnarok was the chart-topping sequel to 2018's God of War reboot. While the addition of the New Game Plus mode isn't quite the DLC we hoped for, it's got some titillating surprises up its sleeve.

God of War New Game Plus lets Kratos free the nip

A viral Reddit thread from u/singhdruv_ shows off Kratos proudly baring his nipples. As we moved into the colder climes of Norse mythology, Kratos was forced to wrap up warm. Although he sported a variety of outfits and armours during Ragnarok, he still kept his puppies out of sight.

There was a vocal fan campaign to add in his Spartan armour from the franchise's formative days, and as the OP writes, Sony Santa Monica has listened. From 2005 to 2013, the various God of War games had Kratos besting the god and monsters of Ancient Greece.

Responding to this classic Kratos, one fan wrote, "His nips are bigger than olives," while another joked, "Y’all need help." Apparently, to see Kratos' ginormous nips, start a new playthrough and head to Brok's shop to see all the new outfits on offer.

Responding to accusations it's "strange" to be obsessed with Kratos' nipples, someone else concluded, "I don't get what's strange? Lots of people just like him shirtless cause that's how he was 90% of the time in the Greek games. Also, he's ripped af."

What's new in God of War Ragnarok 

The official PlayStation blog explains what's in New Game Plus, and while it likely won't be enough to lure back casual players, die-hard fans are sure to return. Alongside new equipment, and new Enchantments, there's an increased level cap for those who fancy themselves as a wannabe Odin. 

If Kratos' liberated nipples weren't enough, the other big win is that the Black Bear cloak from the game's opening is now in your winter wardrobe. Be warned, if you want to wear Kratos' Spartan armour, it has Perk, no Stats, and is locked at Power Level 1. 

Until now, players had been modding a shirtless Kratos into the PC release of 2018's God of War, so it's a good sign that SSM has been listening. Assuming Ragnarok eventually gets its own PC port, shirtless Kratos could be there from the start. 

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