God of War Director settles Kratos vs Ganondorf debate

God of War Director settles Kratos vs Ganondorf debate
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1st May 2023 12:55

It's pretty clear from simply looking at him that Kratos is a pretty mean b*stard. The God of War favourite is a beefy fella with full-body tats, scars, and a beard that'd make the blokiest of lumberjacks empty his bowels, and that's discounting the massive axe he carries, and can call back at a moment's notice.

Kratos is one hell of an action-game protagonist, but his prospective toughness has been called into question time and time again.

Though Nintendo's Smash Bros. games do a lot to answer several "who would win?" conundrums, it hasn't done much to answer who Kratos could topple - but Cory Barog reckons he knows the answer.

Cory Barlog settle Kratos vs Ganondorf debate

Cory Barlog is known as the Game Director of 2018's rebooted God of War game, and now, has weighed in on the age-old debate of who would win in a scrap. Woul dit be Kratos, or the ever-changing big bad of the Legend of Zelda series, Ganondorf.

Quote tweeting a user asking who would come out on top as the big bruiser, Barlog says "No clue who either of these dudes are but I put my money on the bad guy." Well, at least he's succinct.

This is, of course, a big joke. This is an opinion that many players hold, and because Ganon is a pretty big baddie, he has every chance of toppling him. For now, the argument rages on.

Who would win in the Kratos vs Ganondorf fight?

God of War Director settles Kratos vs Ganondorf debate
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Reddit has argued about this mythical match for some time, and one post from eight years ago proves it. Even though fans still aren't sure, each side offers some pretty good reasoning.

"I'm going to go with Kratos on this one," says one comment. "Their strength is comparable I think, Kratos may be stronger depending on what you think is canon.

"I think Kratos is faster and more skilled and he has the right weapons for the job, with many weapons that are light-based (head of helios) and powerful (The Cestus with continent- damage)."

"I think his strongest feat is destroying a castle, then surviving having the ruins fall on top of him after being injured by Link," says another of Ganon's chances.

"Destroying the castle caused him to collapse for a few minutes. It was kind of a death knell, only he didn't die from it, only transformed into a more powerful form a few minutes later."

There's a lot of debate still to be had, but it's clear that Cory Barlog has his pick. And to presume that we know more about Kratos' chances than him is pretty daft.

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