Sneaky GTA Online update hints at major GTA 6 storyline

Sneaky GTA Online update hints at major GTA 6 storyline
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Tom Chapman


2nd May 2023 15:46

Come on Rockstar Games, pull your finger out. It's been a whole decade since the last Grand Theft Auto burned rubber, but thanks to GTA Online keeping things fresh with its constant roadmap of content, it's easy to forget. Still, even the most die-hard players are getting antsy in their wait for GTA 6

Rockstar has returned to radio silence since its under-the-radar announcement of GTA 6 became the most-liked gaming tweet of all time last February. The developer has been slow on the uptake when it comes to marketing the next mainline entry, but come on, it's largely marketing itself at this point.

Is GTA Online teasing GTA 6?

Although there's a plethora of leaks out there if you know where to look, it's a minefield working out what's real and what's been posted for the simple clout. Players are slowly piecing together the GTA 6 world, and alongside a return to Vice City and a female protagonist, an update could hint at a returning foe. 

Looking a little closer at the latest GTA Online update, GTA superfan MrBossFTW has noticed (via ComicBook) that the release of the brand-new Karin Boor vehicle comes with a livery that is exclusive to GTA+ subscribers. 

These custom paint jobs can be applied to vehicles, with the Boor including one honouring N.O.O.S.E. - the National Office of Security Enforcement. Based on the Department of Homeland Security, N.O.O.S.E. has appeared in every HD GTA game so far. 

It gets interesting because the OP spotted that this logo for N.O.O.S.E. also seems to be brand-new, suggesting the organisation will have a big part to play in GTA 6. Last year's massive GTA breach confirmed some cosmetics are already out there, so it's not too much of a reach to connect the dots.

What's going on with GTA 6?

GTA Vice City and GTA V artwork
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Unfortunately, a flimsy tease of GTA 6 might be all we're getting for now. There have been rumbles of trouble behind-the-scenes of GTA 6, with the wildest rumours claiming the entire game was restarted. Others say it's further along than we think, with the team racing toward a 2024 release.

Fans have been combing through every pixel of the leaked videos, with some thinking GTA 6 looks almost too good to be true. Either way, it looks like a suitably massive sequel that'll dwarf GTA V in map size and sheer scope. 

As Rockstar continues to dish out GTAO updates like the recent Last Dose content drop, we edge closer to GTA 6 without the developer giving us much to go on. All signs point toward GTA Online being the place to look for clues, so in the meantime, we'll practice our best Detective Gordon Moorehead impression. 

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