GTA Online brings fan-favourite back from the dead

GTA Online brings fan-favourite back from the dead
Rockstar Games

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Jack Marsh


13th Mar 2023 14:03

It looks like one character in Grand Theft Auto has been watching too much Breaking Bad and has decided to follow the character arc of Heisenberg, although they were once presumed dead.

In GTA V, it's no surprise that the grand arsonist job comes with quite a lot of stress, and as a regular business hotshot, Micheal doesn't always work through his problems alone.

But Dr. Friedlander's habit of prescriptions has now gone to his head, and after a miraculous revival from a presumed grave, the doc has arrived in GTA Online as a drug lord.

Dr Friedlander returns to GTA with latest Online update

The timeline between GTA V and GTA Online is quite blurred, having originally been set six months before the storyline - which ends with the death of either Michael, Franklin, or Trevor. It soon surpassed these events.

One of the last things you get to choose in the offline story mode is the fate of Dr. Friedlander, Michael's therapist, who stole his story and was set to publicise a book and movie based on his crime-filled life.

You could either let Friedlander get away or conceal your life from Hollywood by ending him. Now though, canonically, it seems Rockstar allowed him to live...

Ahead of the upcoming update to GTA Online, Rockstar has now revealed the doc will return to the franchise as the head of a drug group fuelled by his pharmaceutical background.

Why is Dr. Friedlander returning to GTA Online?

It seems like Rockstar has gone down the route of allowing Michaels's therapist to run away with his story and make a fortune on the back of his new book, only for it to be reinvested into an empire. 

As the "last chapter" of GTA Online's drug war, it's likely that we'll see Michael - or your protagonist - come face to face with the familiar foe to finally put an end to his tyranny and lock in his fate.

The Last Dose update is set to roll on all platforms as of March 16, when the war over the Los Santos narcotics industry will be won or lost.

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