GTA Online Leaks Give Possible First Look At GTA 6's Vice City

GTA Online Leaks Give Possible First Look At GTA 6's Vice City
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Tom Chapman


21st Dec 2022 15:49

Where oh where is Grand Theft Auto 6? As GTA V heads toward its 10-year anniversary, at least we know Rockstar Games is working on the sixth main entry in the long-running GTA franchise. 

You might remember the massive GTA 6 leak of September, which Take-Two Interactive later confirmed was the real deal. Although it gave away the lead protagonist and the rumoured return to Vice City, we've been left in the dark regarding official reveals from Rockstar. 

Have We Got Our First Look At Vice City In GTA Online?



Even though Rockstar isn't ready to lift the lid yet, it looks increasingly likely that GTA Online is going to lead directly into GTA 6. Whether that involves a whole new GTA Online like Warzone 2 tying into Modern Warfare 2 or just a massive update, we're guessing a Vice City-themed GTAO is on the way.

Now, a leaked cosmetic has given us a potential first look at the new version of Vice City. Twitter user @ClassiqueGTA shared the "Downtown Cab Co. Revere Collar" shirt (via Charlie INTEL). Although it's only a tiny glimpse, there's a taxi against a new background.

According to the OP, it doesn't look like the typical Los Santos background from GTA 6 - more closely resembling Vice City. We know the fan-favourite reimagining of Miami will be the backdrop of GTA 6, so could GTA Online be queuing up its content early?

Watch Out For GTA 6 Leaks

Instead of returning to the '80s, it's thought GTA 6 will give us a modernised Vice City, though it'd be a damn shame if Tommy Vercetti doesn't appear at some point.

The above looks legit, but watch out when you're scouring the internet for GTA 6 leaks. Despite Take-Two managing to scrub most of the footage leak from the net, it can still be found if you know where to look.

For every legitimate leak, there are plenty of fakes for clout. From fake map leaks to details on the story, some of these go way back to the infamous Project Americas leak. Still, if we're getting GTA 6 cosmetics already, there's a chance we could be closer to that mythical release date than we first thought. 

Some think it'll be 2025 before we see GTA 6, but with others saying it's being "accelerated" for early release, we'll keep our eyes on GTA Online for more teases of what's to come.

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