Skyrim Modders Have Turned Tamriel Into A Harry Potter RPG

Skyrim Modders Have Turned Tamriel Into A Harry Potter RPG
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Joseph Kime


15th Jun 2022 10:31

Magic is a pretty big part of Skyrim if you want it to be. Though there are seemingly endless paths for you and your character to take in terms of character development - whether you want to be a mage, archer, or a total brute with a whopping great sledgehammer, the game lets you do it. But some fans feel that some areas are underdeveloped.

Though magic is a pretty extensive string of skills to learn in Skyrim, many feel that the College of Winterhold doesn't really feel like it offers the experience of going to school to learn the mystical arts. As the game's very own home of magic education in the region, you'll be pleased to know a new mod has turned Winterhold into its very own Hogwarts. 

How Has Skyrim Turned Into A Harry Potter RPG?

A new mod has transformed the experience of joining the College of Winterhold as a student, bolstering the educational experience and practically turning the college into something that wouldn't be amiss in Harry Potter.

The new The College of Winterhold - Quest Expansion mod is set to add seven brand-new missions to the game, that aim to immerse you further in the college and your studies in order to become the next great magical witch or wizard in Tamriel.

The College of Winterhold's first lesson sees you learn to use a spell that allows you to breathe underwater, as shown by the trailer that has been revealed by the mod's creator, JaySerpa. Well, that sounds pretty similar to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. All in all, it looks like Skyrim's very own version of Hogwarts Legacy that we're still waiting for.


Is The College Of Winterhold Mod Out Yet?

This new exploration into the college isn't available just yet, but the mod can be supported on Patreon, which could well speed its production. It'll also give you the chance to vote on decisions made for the mod, too, so you can be a very real part of the production of the College of Winterhold's progression.

The mod looks great, and looks to give the college that extra bit of content that you may have hoped for. Finally, you can really be the best mage in Tamriel. Hopefully, it will be out before Hogwarts Legacy, so we can practice our swish and flick before trying on our house robes.

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