QTCinderella Opens Up About Her High School Bullying Experiences

QTCinderella Opens Up About Her High School Bullying Experiences
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Emma Hill


13th Apr 2022 17:27

Blaire "QTCinderella" has opened up about the horrific bullying she suffered in high school before making it big as a Twitch streamer. 

It's been a slow rise to the top for content creator QTCinderella, who worked hard to be known for something more than being Ludwig "Ludwig" Ahgren's girlfriend. Since then, QT's popularity has blown up on both YouTube and Twitch, thanks to livestreaming her incredible culinary creations and her organising a number of huge projects with her fellow streamers. Her biggest success no doubt was her event The Streamer Awards made her one of the most popular talking points online, pulling a record number of views for her. 

However, it hasn't all been smooth sailing for QTCinderella who has now revealed that she was horrifically bullied while she was in high school. Although, this later proved to be one of the reasons she was drawn to the streaming community. 

QTCinderella Claims She Was "Super Bullied" In School

In an interview with Inven Global, QTCinderella described how she felt a place of belonging when she became a part of the streaming community, due to the terrible bullying she suffered in school. Speaking about her experience, QT said: "I was super bullied in high school. I didn't necessarily fit in. And so the cool thing about the streaming industry is it's a bunch of people that didn't fit in. A lot of streamers have the same background as me and so I'm on my island of misfit toys, but now I am the one with the ability to want to bring people together."

Being spurred on by the experiences, QTCinderella said her ultimate aim is "to help people that feel alone." Her Streamer Awards event certainly certified her goal as she was able to bring together and celebrate content creators across the world who she believed weren't getting enough recognition. However, it was a stressful journey in the lead-up to the ceremony. 

QTCinderella Reveals xQc Nearly Co-Hosted The Streamer Awards With Her

QTCinderella enjoyed tremendous success with her livestream of The Streamer Awards, hitting 400,000 concurrent peak viewers during the night. Whereas the YouTube video of the event currently has 1.1 million views as of writing. However, according to QT, the whole event could have taken place over on Felix "xQc" Lengyel's channel. 

QTCinderella revealed that originally she was lined up to co-host The Streamer Awards with xQc who was to livestream the ceremony on his channel. However, QT's friend Imane "Pokimane" Anys convinced her to host the event herself saying "you need to do this on your channel no matter what. No matter who you do it with, you need to do it on your channel."

It may have been a slow start for QTCinderella, as a female streamer trying to break her way into a male-dominated industry. However, with her success continuing to grow and with such a great reception to The Streamer Awards, QTCinderella has earned her place as one of the community's fastest-growing stars. 


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