QTCinderella Wants More Recognition For Streamers Following The Streamer Awards

QTCinderella Wants More Recognition For Streamers Following The Streamer Awards
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Emma Hill


7th Apr 2022 17:44

Following on from her successful Streamer Awards ceremony, Blaire "QTCinderella" has revealed how she hopes the event will help provide more recognition for content creators.

On March 12, 2022, we got our very first Streamer Awards, set up and hosted by Twitch streamer QTCinderella. The glittering elite of the streaming community travelled to Hollywood, Los Angeles in all their finery for the event. Accolades, such as Best Battle Royale Streamer, Best ASMR Streamer, and Streamer Of The Year were all up for grabs. The ceremony proved incredibly successful, peaking at 380,000 concurrent viewers during the night and it became one of the most talked-about events across the streaming platforms.  

Having created and organised the entire event herself, QTCinderella has shared a behind-the-scenes look in the lead-up to the awards ceremony. During which she stated she hoped that The Streamer Awards would give more recognition to content creators across the community. 

What Did QTCinderella Say Is One Of The Struggles Of Being A Streamer?

In a YouTube video uploaded on April 5, QTCinderella shared an exclusive look into the chaotic set-up of The Streamer Awards on the night of the event. Having arrived at The Fonda Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard, QTCinderella quickly set to work setting up the venue for the evening, alongside her co-host fellow streamer Maya Higa.

While arranging tables, QTCinderella explained how her idea for the event came about and why she thought it was integral to celebrate content creators for their work. The streamer and baking genius said: "With streaming, it's hard to feel a purpose in life because all you're doing is playing video games all day, which I love. But, my favourite things that happened to me would be when people invited me things."

Why Did QTCinderella Set Up The Streamer Awards?

Similarly to what did with her 'Sh*t Camp' event, QTCinderella stated she set up The Streamer Awards as an opportunity to gather as many streamers together all at once as it is such as rare occurrence. Not only that, but she wanted to organise an event that would reward some of the world's veteran streamers who she believes have gone unnoticed throughout their career. 

The streamer stated: "It's a fun way to get 250 streamers in one room and also recognize some people that have never been recognised. Like tonight, Asmongold is winning best MMORPG streamer, he said he had never won an award. Someone who has been industry for so long has never won an award. That's crazy."

Members of the streaming community are no doubt hoping that The Streamer Awards will take part again in 2023. Given how successful the event proved to be, with a whopping amount of viewers and high praise across the community, it's likely we haven't heard the last of The Streamer Awards. 


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