Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Players Are Duplicating Legendaries, And It's Too Easy

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Players Are Duplicating Legendaries, And It's Too Easy
Images: The Pokemon Company

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Joseph Kime


23rd Nov 2022 12:12

Well, the launch of Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet hasn't exactly gone to plan.

There was a lot resting on the shoulders of the new games, with many fans decrying it at reveal insisting that it was too early for a new generation after 2019's Sword and Shield, but it seemed that The Pokemon Company was confident. That now seems pretty drastically misplaced.

The game is plagued with bugs, a broken camera system, and all sorts of problems that players don't expect of the biggest video game franchise in the world.

And now, among the swathes of other problems, players are duplicating the hardest Pokemon to catch, and the items they hold.

Pokemon Players Are Effortlessly Duplicating Legendaries

That's not ideal. The game is barely comfortable on the market yet, and already, fans are discovering whopping exploits in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The most recent one is perhaps the most drastic so far, too - the game offers a simple avenue to duplicating Pokemon and its held item from the base game.

According to CentroPokemon on Twitter, it seems that players have found a specific series of button inputs that forces the game to duplicate the Pokemon you're catching at the time, giving you an entirely new one in the process.

The Twitter thread even includes instructions on how exactly to follow the glitch through, which is a pretty wild addition to the footage itself.

But, don't think that this means a new Pokemon black market is about to open.

Pokemon Duplication Glitch Doesn't Allow Trading

Bizarrely, the new glitch may not have the foresight to keep players from duplicating Pokemon in the first place, but it has been able to keep players from trading them.

The game seems to think that the cloned legendaries are the regular mount Pokemon, and as such, don't count in the game's code as a useable Pokemon in the traditional sense. As such, players just can't trade them.

It's a strange glitch that is going to help players to build unfathomably tough rosters of Pokemon - and the fact that it's too easy means that it could be pretty widespread. If it's your bag, get to duping.

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