Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Easter Egg Teases Gen 10 Region

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Easter Egg Teases Gen 10 Region
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6th Dec 2022 14:56

We've got to be honest, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet was a bit of a dud. If you thought Gen 8 had it tough with Sword & Shield, that's nothing compared to the backlash Scarlet & Violet have been struck with.

While we imagine Gen 9 will be a learning curve for Game Freak, you can bet your bottom dollar that the team is already looking at what comes next. Even though there's no confirmation of a Scarlet & Violet successor, some are already clamouring for Gen 10 of the Pokemon franchise.

Where Will Pokemon Gen 10 Be Set?

Most of us were too busy trying to catch 'em all or swooning over Grusha to notice it, but there's a sneaky Easter egg some players think reveals Gen 10's new region. 

Similar to Gen 8's Galar being a homage to the United Kingdom and Gen 9's Paldea being one for Spain, Game Freak looks like it's sticking a pin in the map and heading somewhere new next time. 

Over on Reddit, u/Brenduke spotted a mysterious painting in the art class that looks a lot like Australia's Uluru. Better known as Ayers Rock, it's one of Australia's most iconic landmarks.

If you aren't convinced, remember that Pokemon X & Y's "Strange Souvenir" seemed to point toward Sun & Moon's Aloha, while wallpaper depicting oranges in Sword & Shield's Hotel Ionia definitely fit the brief of Paldea's Spanish-inspired vistas. 

Will The Next Pokemon Game Be Set In Australia

Even if this is miles off the mark, gamers on Reddit loved the idea in the comments. One supporter joked, "Dingo Pokémon that’s a ghost and it's called Dinghost." Another added, "Need a new kangaroo? Here's Aussie Khanga."

A third concluded, "I want it so badly (definitely no bias being from there). We need a Cockatiel Pokemon, a Tasmanian Devil Pokemon, a Kangaroo Pokemon that actually looks like a Kangaroo, and a koala pokemon that doesn't suck."

Much like we had Paldean Tauros and Wooper, you can bet there will be variants of some classic 'Mon, but apart from that, your guess is as good as ours what other creatures will be created. After all, we've already got an ice cream, a set of keys, and a stack of coins

Whether there's more to the story remains to be seen, but with the dust still settling on the disappointment of Scarlet & Violet, we wouldn't count on seeing a new Pokemon game too soon. That being said, we imagine fans will be flocking back just like a boomerang when Gen 10 eventually releases. 

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