Players Beg Amazon Not To Cast Tom Holland In God Of War Series

Players Beg Amazon Not To Cast Tom Holland In God Of War Series
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Tom Chapman


21st Dec 2022 13:31

Atreus is drawing back his bow, as Kratos' plucky son is ready to step up for Amazon's live-action God of War series. Although casting is presumably in the works, fans have one actor in mind that they definitely don't want for the part.

The God of War series has been a staple of Sony since 2005, and although there were questions about which era of the franchise Amazon would adapt, we now know it'll focus on the recent Norse mythology.

Fans Don't Want Tom Holland As Atreus

Much like Chris Pratt seems to grab every role there is in Hollywood - taking the Jurassic World movies, The Super Mario, and even Garfield - Tom Holland should really leave some roles for the rest of us.

It's true that he's great as Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but having already divisively scooped the role as Nathan Drake in Sony's Uncharted, adding another video game adaptation to his belt is a step too far for many.

Holland definitely has the look of Kratos' fresh-faced son, but as the many fan castings of wrestler Triple H as the titular God of War have proved, does simply looking like a character warrant you landing the role? No, no it doesn't!

When the argument spilt over onto Twitter, there were cries that Amazon and Sony need to find someone (anyone) other than Holland for Atreus.

One critic wrote, "God I love the idea of a 28-year-old Tom Holland in 2024 playing an 11-year-old Atreus," while another added, "Chris Pratt and Tom Holland are gonna be cast as Kratos and Atreus and I'm gonna throw myself off a cliff."

A third joked, "Execs are probably thinking Dwayne Johnson as Kratos and Tom Holland as Atreus And Chris Pratt as Mimir or something idk." To be honest, we doubt that's even that much of a Joke.

Original Atreus Actor Wants In On God Of War Series

There have been recent casting that proves you don't need to take the video game source material as gospel. Although Netflix's Resident Evil series was hardly a hit, Lance Reddick's drastically different Albert Wesker was a rare silver lining.

Of course, we already have a perfect Kratos and Atreus in the form of Christopher Judge and Sunny Suljić. The pair voiced the characters in 2018's God of War reboot and 2022's Ragnarok, with hopes they could return for another game.

While Judge has been quiet about playing Kratos in live-action (apart from awards ceremony skits), Suljić has already thrown his hat into the ring for Amazon's God of War series. Freya actor Danielle Bisutti has also said she's "ready" to step up if she's called forward, but we'll have to wait and see whether Amazon and Sony listen to their fans. 

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