God Of War Freya Actor Is 'Ready' For Live-Action Amazon Series

God Of War Freya Actor Is 'Ready' For Live-Action Amazon Series
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Jack Marsh


19th Dec 2022 12:27

God of War has smashed onto the scene once again with the mighty swing of Kratos' hammer in 2022's Ragnorok, and after bulldozing its way into Game of the Year shouts in just a month's notice, the Sony smash has booked a plane to Hollywood.

Following the success of the most recent God of War instalment, a good 17 years after the original release, Amazon has set its sights on producing a live-action series based on the mythologic world.

Now, some of the God of War game cast wants in, and it could see two familiar foes go up against each other on the big screen.

God of War Actors Want Into TV Series Adaptation

With murmurs already being spread as to who should play who, members of the game cast have now put their names forwards.  Sunny Suljic, the voice and face behind the devilish you thing Atreus, has taken to Twitter to claim that he fancies the role. He more than fancies it, too. 

Sunny is 17 now, presumably 18 by the time God of War is filmed, making him four years older than Atreus, who is roughly 14 in Ragnarok.

However, if 29-year-old Jason Earles can play 15-year-old Jackson Stewart in Hannah Montana, who's to say that four years is too big of an age gap? 

Danielle Bisutti 'Ready' To Play Freya In God of War Series

Freya's actress, Danielle Bisutti wants to put her Freya portrayal to the test, echoing Suljic's comments. Taking to Twitter, the desirable heroine simply said, "I feel that Sunny," followed by "#cast", insinuating that she will want to reprise her role. 

Bisutti is also waving the flag for her God of War colleagues to get their big-screen breakthrough by retweeting a suggestion that lead actor Christopher Judge shouldn't be snubbed for another washed-up Wahlburg.

Whether or not Bisutti and Suljic may get their respective roles is yet to be seen, with casting not decided. Sony does have a history of pulling in some big names for their main characters, with Game of Thrones duo Pedro Castro and Bella Ramsey being pulled in for The Last of Us and Tom Holland and Wahlberg starring in Uncharted.

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