God Of War's Atreus Actor Puts Himself Forward For Amazon's Series

God Of War's Atreus Actor Puts Himself Forward For Amazon's Series
Images via Sony Santa Monica | Sunny Suljić Instagram

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Tom Chapman


16th Dec 2022 11:08

There's sure a lot going on in the world of video game adaptations right now, and by the sounds of it, Amazon has the keys to the pixelated kingdom.

Alongside the confirmed Fallout series, there's the much-hyped God of War, and brand-new news that the streaming giant is circling a Warhammer 40,000 series with Henry Cavill.

Out of all of these, the most mystery surrounds the idea of turning Sony Santa Monica's hack-n-slash adventure into TV's next big thing. Casting God of War will be the biggest challenge, but don't worry, one star is already putting himself forward.

Could Sunny Suljić Star In God Of War?




While Kratos has been flexing his muscles since 2005, the God of War name really hit the mainstream in 2018. Cory Barlog's soft reboot left behind the scorched plains of Ancient Greece and took the Ghost of Sparta into Norse mythology.

Among the big wins was the introduction of Kratos' son, Atreus. Showing the softer side of this bearded brute, daddy Kratos journeyed across the Nine Realms with his "boi" in tow. Much like Christopher Judge has now become synonymous with Kratos, Sunny Suljić is one and the same with Atreus.

When Amazon officially greenlit the God of War series and confirmed it would be set during the Norse saga instead of a Kratos origin story in Greece, Suljić responded and wrote, "I swear to god if I don’t get booked for this…"

Although Suljić questioned whether he's too old to play Atreus now, there was plenty of support. "If you or @iamchrisjudge do not get cast for this tv adaptation then it'll be an easy skip for me," said a fan.

Another cheered, "Well, what are you waiting for Chinese new year?! GO! GO! GO!," while a third said, "You have my vote! You're killing it as Atreus.." Unfortunately, there were plenty of comments saying that someone like Tom Holland would probably land the part as a bigger name. 

Christopher Judge Should Play Kratos In God Of War



Unlike Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson being replaced without much fuss for HBO's The Last Us series, there are mounting calls for Christopher Judge to play Kratos in live-action. Fans are right, even if Suljić doesn't play Atreus, he should definitely get a cameo. 

More than Atreus, the big stumbling block will likely be casting Kratos. Despite passion-filled calls for Judge to play him, critics have questioned Kratos' ethnicity alongside the usual rants of "woke culture" and "Kratos can't be black." We'd like to point out, both Terrence C. Carson (the original Kratos voice actor) and Judge are black. 

Similar to the Holland rumours for Atreus, Amazon could go with a "bigger" name than Judge to play Kratos. Everyone from Jason Momoa to Triple H has been thrown around in fan castings, but way back when, Gerard Butler was going to play Kratos in a movie adaptation of the earlier games. 

It remains to be seen who will play Atreus in Amazon's God of War series, but for the love of Odin, please don't let it be Holland. With some already pitching him as young Superman for James Gunn's revamp of the DC Extended Universe, he's fast becoming the next Chris Pratt. Leave some roles for the rest of us. 

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