Tom Holland Is Coming Back For A 'Franchise' Of Uncharted Sequels

Tom Holland Is Coming Back For A 'Franchise' Of Uncharted Sequels
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Joseph Kime


7th Jul 2022 09:31

Uncharted, regardless of what you thought of its quality and dedication to its source material, was a rip-roaring success. The film made over $400 million at the box office, and led by the charisma of Tom Holland's Nathan Drake, breached the line of video game fans excited to see the series on the big screen.

Impressively, Uncharted bled over from Naughty Dog's popular game series to regular film fans, meaning it absolutely smashed it for both Sony and PlayStation Studios. It's clear that the studio being Holland's Spider-Man movies is happy with the result - because Holland's Drake isn't done just yet.

Is An Uncharted Sequel On The Way?

Tom Holland Is Coming Back For A 'Franchise' Of Uncharted Sequels
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A brand-new report from The Ankler has suggested that even though sequels haven't been confirmed by Sony, the company's CEO has been getting excited by the idea of more Uncharted films.

The report claims that the company is trying to lock Holland down for yet another Spider-Man trilogy, but that it's very much relying on him to carry any upcoming Uncharted films. It looks like Mark Wahlberg spin-offs are off the table, then.

An excerpt of the report reads "Sony hasn't officially confirmed a sequel, but the film did pretty respectable pandemic business, taking in $400 million worldwide, and Holland has discussed the likelihood of a sequel in past interviews." Plus, an internal memo quotes CEO Tom Rothman is "excited" to see a new entry in the series.


When Will Uncharted Release?

If we're going to see another Uncharted movie, it needs to be officially greenlit first - so it's probably a couple of years off in terms of its cinema release. It might be safe to assume a late 2024 release date, though chances are the team is going to want to aim for a Summer blockbuster release after the successes of the first film.

We'll have to wait and see, but it's almost definitely on the way as Holland and Wahlberg jump in the Hog Wild. Video game fans still aren't sure about the franchisification of Nathan Drake, but it looks like it's going to have to be something they put up with. X marks the spot and Tom Holland's Nathan Drake is here to stay.

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