Palworld’s Pokemon allegations are causing trouble in Japan

Palworld’s Pokemon allegations are causing trouble in Japan
Images via Pocket Pair | The Pokemon Company

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Tom Chapman


2nd Feb 2024 11:00

It seems like two tribes are going to war, and at the centre of it, it's ultimately the fans who are going to usual. Palworld is everywhere right now, and while it breaks Xbox records, sits pretty at the top of Steam, and overtakes Pokemon on Twitch, you can't get enough of the monster-catching chaos. 

We'd heard a lot about "Pokemon with guns" before Palworld entered early access on January 19, and while critics are convinced the bubble will soon burst, Pocket Pair is riding a wave of hype. Palworld is pretty much marketing itself these days, but apparently, it's being hushed in some territories. 

Palworld mentions reportedly censored in Japan

Palworld flock of Lamball
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Image via Pocket Pair

As reported by Tokyo Sports (via VGC), Japanese celebrities are being banned from mentioning Pocket Pair's scrappy title. A source told the site, "We have told our talent not to mention Palworld on social media or in public," It was apparently "done out of consideration for the Pokemon side as an agency."

The source added, "This decision was made in consideration of future potential collaborations." Tokyo Sports says that entertainment agencies "don't want to make enemies of Pokemon," which makes sense considering the power that the franchise has, particularly in Japan.

While there are sure to be accusations of The Pokemon Company throwing its weight around, it's not a company you want to mess with. Despite there being some clear similarities and continued complaints that Palworld has 'ripped-off' Pokemon, we're waiting to see what The Pokemon Company does yet - if anything at all.  

What's next for Palworld?

Palworld petting Pal
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Image via Pocket Pair

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The Pokemon Company is aware of Palworld and the comparisons between the two titles, releasing a pretty damning statement where it reiterated it has "not granted any permission for the use of Pokemon intellectual property or assets in that game." Even as The Pokemon Company's legal eagles continue to circle, it's business as usual over at Palworld.

The Pocket Pair CEO has said he's not worried about threats of legal action, and with Xbox celebrating Palworld's success, not everyone is trying to sweep it under the rug. Takuro Mizobe also said it's a "miracle" that Palworld even exists, making its meteoric climb even more impressive. 

Alongside an impressive roadmap that includes PvP and new regions to explore, the modding community is taking hold. Even though Nexus Mods might've banned Pokemon mods, Digimon mods are here to brighten up our day. Each day, we can imagine The Pokemon Company getting angrier than a grouchy Charizard. 

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