Palworld’s Nintendo DS demake is basically a Pokemon game

Palworld’s Nintendo DS demake is basically a Pokemon game
Images via Pocket Pair | Nintendo

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Tom Chapman


6th Mar 2024 13:36

If there's one thing that Pocket Pair probably doesn't need right now, it's people comparing Palworld to Pokemon. The open-world monster-catcher has drawn the attention of Nintendo and The Pokemon Company, and while the Pocket Pair CEO doesn't seem worried, that's one legal team we wouldn't want to go against.

Palworld might've dropped off a bit since its astronomical climb to the top of Steam and Xbox charts, although we imagine planned features like PvP will lure you back. In the meantime, it's over to the players themselves to keep Paworld ticking, releasing everything from Digimon mods to full-blown demakes.

Palworld demake feels just like Pokemon Black & White

YouTube channel 64 Bits has shown off its Palworld demake, which feels like a modernised Pokemon Black & White...with guns. Reimagining Palworld as a Nintendo DS game, it has us imagining what Palworld could've been if released back in the day.

Released in 2004, the Nintendo DS is the second best-selling console of all time (only beaten by the PS2) and has given us some of the best Pokemon games including the OG Diamond & Peal, HeartGold & SoulSilver, and the aforementioned Black & White.

After those rumoured Black & White remakes failed to appear at the recent Pokemon Day celebrations, this Palworld demake is the next best thing. In the 90-second clip, we see a Misty-inspired character who takes on a giant Gizzbolt, builds a base, and rides a Mammorest. 

Palword fans demand a full demake

Palworld Ribbuny holding a gun
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Image via Pocket Pair

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Fans went wild in the comments, loving this retro nostalgia combined with the modern mechanics of Palworld. One supporter cheered, "Even a DS version of Palworld would gain momentum, I feel. Amazing animation as usual guys," while another added, "You guys ate and left no crumbs." 

A third concluded, "I heard a sound from Pokémon Ranger in there, that made me extremely happy, favorite Pokemon spinoff games. I wish they didn’t discontinue the DS system line, I hope another company takes the concept and makes something similar. It’s such a good game system with a lot of potential."

64 Bits say they were inspired by the likes of Pokemon Ranger, with other influences from Black & White and Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. Obviously, this is just a fan build and not an actually playable game, meaning that sweet whiff of noughties nostalgia is confined to the decade of the DS. 

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