Palworld fancy dress costumes are straight from our spandex nightmares

Palworld fancy dress costumes are straight from our spandex nightmares
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Tom Chapman


14th Feb 2024 16:43

Despite Palworld's infancy in the gaming world, the Pokelite Pokeclone is still everywhere. There might've been a dip in players since it entered early access on January 19, but proving its staying power, Palworld fancy dress costumes are already here. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Everything from Fortnite to Metal Gear has its own fancy dress costumes, and often, there are more options than just sticking on a pair of elf ears and saying you're Link. Still, there are all those "legally distinct" knockoffs, with companies selling a Pikachu-inspired "Yellow Electric Mouse Monster" costume.

Palworld fancy dress costumes are a spandex nightmare


As spotted on the Palworld subreddit (via VG24/7), Palworld costumes are already here, looking like a cross between a Morphsuit and something that might be worn to a Furry convention. Found on Chinese marketplace AliExpress, be warned that it doesn't have the best reputation for buying things from.

Still, at $23/£18, it might be worth the gamble of going to your next fancy dress party in a skin-tight Grizzbolt, Cattiva, Depresso, or Incineram costume to turn heads. VG24/7 has found a very similar listing on eBay, suggesting there are plenty of these suits out there.

It seems we aren't alone in our uncertainty, as others shared the questionable taste of a Palworld x Power Rangers mashup. One said, "Gotta get one before they sell out. These things look like straight nightmare fuel," while another added, "Grizbolt looks like he's about to travel back in time and murder the Flash's mother."

Palworld merch is here

Palworld Etsy Sphere
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This is just the start of Palworld merch, and if you know where to look, you'll be able to nab a Palworld bedspread from Wish, Amazon is full of plushies, and Etsy even has a Palworld sphere. There's a boom in these products right now, but obviously, it all depends on how popular Palworld remains on whether it'll last.

Thanks to the potential legal threats from Nintendo and The Pokemon Company about Palworld's legitimacy as being just far enough away from Pokemon, we're not sure Pocket Pair is too fussed if you want to sell your own Flopie costumes. Still, now you can buy the real deal. 

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