Palworld dev Pocketpair frantically hiring after finding itself "overwhelmingly short of people”

Palworld dev Pocketpair frantically hiring after finding itself "overwhelmingly short of people”
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Megan Cooke


10th Feb 2024 20:13

After the seemingly overnight success of Palworld, Pocketpair is looking to quickly hire more staff.

The developer promises some pretty decent working conditions on its website, and seems fairly lenient in the hiring process, however since the company is Japanese, fluency in the language would likely be necessary.

Pocketpair are hiring after finding themselves “overwhelmingly short” of developers

It seems as though the success of Palworld, which has seen over 19 million players in its first month, has led Pocketpair to seek out more people to work on the game.

In a tweet translated by PCGamer, Pocketpair said: “At PALWORLD, we still have a lot to do, but we are overwhelmingly short of people to join us!

“We are looking for people for all positions, but we are especially looking for planning and engineers!

“We are looking for people with experience in any type of engine, so if you are interested in creating a completely new type of game, please apply!”

It is no surprise that Pocketpair is desperate for staff given the amount of work that seems to be going into the game.

It was recently revealed that server costs for Palworld alone cost almost half a million dollars a month, which is a huge amount.

It has also previously been stated in a blog post that a single college student designed most of the 100 pals in the game, so it is no wonder it is feeling the need to expand after so much success.

Pocketpair are keen to highlight the pros of working for them

As part of the tweet expressing the need for new employees, the Palworld account linked to a tweet from 2020 which stated some of the good things about working for Pocketpair.

This tweet stems from when Pocketpair was hiring engineers, designers, planners and project managers to work on Craftopia, one of the developers previous games.

The list is poorly translated by Twitter, but includes points like being able to “focus on your strengths and what you want to do”, “no concept of hierarchy”, and the ability to always be “making, watching, and playing games.”

The developers website similarly boasts that “the era of suffering while making games is over.”

It states: “At Pocketpair, we value not only users but also developers who make games very much.

“Overtime is basically nonexistent. Attendance hours are also flexible. With a focus on in-house development, we have a relaxed development process.

“We also have comprehensive welfare benefits, creating an environment where game development can be done comfortably and with a relaxed mindset.

“Instead of competing with other companies in terms of quality, we are pioneering a unique path with unique ideas.”

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While Pocketpair’s own marketing seems to suggest it would be a great place to work, I haven’t been able to find any accounts of what it is actually like.

Regardless, given that the company is based in Japan, it is likely that proximity to the office and fluency in Japanese are requirements to be able to jump on board.

At least they seem to be pretty flexible regarding which engine you use.

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