Palworld’s first raid sees you take on Bellanoir

Palworld’s first raid sees you take on Bellanoir
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15th Mar 2024 10:16

Pocket Pair promised Palworld was just getting started, and while the open-world monster catcher has been largely left in the dust by the launch of Helldivers 2, the devs have remained confident that you'll all come crawling back. Now, the first big update has us heading back to the armoury and putting guns in the hands of our Pals. 

It's easy to forget that Palworld is still in early access, and after Pocket Pair's previous game of Craftopia failed to escape this period, some worried Palworld would go the same way. Thankfully, it seems the team is powering ahead with its promises of features like new islands, PvP, and boss raids.

Palworld's first raid is coming

As shared by Pocket Pair, the first Palworld raid is just over the horizon. You'll have to gather your best and flex your muscles against Bellanoir. This brand-new Pal marks the game's first raid boss and looks like it'll be quite the challenge.

A new trailer shows off Bellanoir, and although there aren't any further details about the Pal, it looks like a dark type. In the trailer, we see Bellanoir hover around in a ghost-like form and shoot a ball of dark energy. Interestingly, it looks like the raid has triggered meteorites, having us concerned for the game's ecosystem. 

Bellanoir is described as "a powerful evil Pal," bringing chaos to the Palpagos Islands, so it definitely sounds harder than your typical scuffle. We don't know how raid battles will work compared to the standard Palworld boss battles, but they likely involve using the soul crystal to summon Bellanoir at an altar. 

Fans love Bellanoir

Dark Palworld trainer
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Image via Pocket Pair

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The intrigue surrounding Bellanoir has only hyped fandom more. There was plenty of love for this lovechild of Pokemon's Mismagius and Gardevoir. One Reddit fan cheered, "Finally. Emo Gardevoir ❤️," while another added, "Looks like a mega-Lyleen Noct" - honouring Palworld's fan-favourite flower Pal. 

There are worries that raid bosses won't be adjusted for single players trying to take on raid bosses, but if there's a squad taking on Bellanoir, it should be a lot of fun. Pocket Pair simply says, "coming soon," when it comes to Bellanoir, so keep your eyes peeled for an official release date. 

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