Palworld players beg Pocket Pair for in-game vehicles

Palworld players beg Pocket Pair for in-game vehicles
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Tom Chapman


12th Apr 2024 15:34

It's all go in the world of Palworld, and while developer Pocket Pair has seen a recent resurgence thanks to the introduction of boss raids, it didn't wait long to reveal its next big feature. The Pokemon Stadium-inspired Pal Arena is on the way, but as players are hard to please, they're still asking for more.

We sometimes forget that Palworld is still in early access, and unlike Pocket Pair's previous release of Craftopia, it looks like this one has the grunt to go all the way. The devs have laid out a loose roadmap of upcoming features, but alongside raids and PvP, players have their own ideas.

Palworld players demand vehicles

Traversing the Palpagos Islands is a lot of fun while soaring high atop a Ragnahawk or trotting around on a Melpacca, but it comes with the drawback that they have to be on your team. Over on the Palworld Reddit, a legion of loyal players have been asking for actual vehicles.

Redditor u/Zinthaniel said that their mounts feel a bit like HM mules and they'd like to mix things up without feeling like you need at least two mounts in your roster at any given time. They suggested vehicles like motorcycles or dune buggies to make travel quicker.

We know Pocket Pair plans to introduce new locations, and as the map presumably gets a lot bigger, it'll become even more tiresome to trudge around atop our Mammorests. The OP isn't alone in wanting vehicles, as others soon championed the idea of making Palworld into its very own Grand Theft Auto.

Someone else said, "Honestly I'd love this or some kinda support pal slot, in addition to your team. You can't use them for combat, but you can use them to glide, fly, etc." while another added, "Basically we need a glider that moves as fast as the Galeclaw. Who I never use in battle because if he gets killed I'm f****d in terms of getting back to a fast travel spot."

Not everyone was a fan, though. A third said, "If they added vehicles, they would need gas to run. And with how unfun it is to scavenge for ammo components, I don't even want to know how bad finding gas would be. So no thanks."

Palworld promised us tanks

Palworld Galeclaw
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It's true that Palworld vehicles could make the game unbalanced, but it's clear there's a problem with party sizes and the fact we have to shoehorn our mount into teams. As PvP lures us back to the game, it'll be frustrating that we're scared to use our mounts in battle.

While there's been no official word on Palworld adding vehicles, it was at least hinted at in the early trailers and game artwork. The game has become synonymous with the image of Grizzbolt in a tank, but whether that was just the devs having fun or an actual planned feature remains to be seen. 

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