Secret Palworld room is the perfect place to build your base

Secret Palworld room is the perfect place to build your base
Images via Reddit MidnightWatcher139 | Pocket Pair

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Tom Chapman


26th Feb 2024 14:31

What do you get when you take a dash of Ark: Survival Evolved, a pinch of Minecraft Legends, and blend it together with a healthy dose of (legally distinct) Pokemon? The answer is Palworld, Pocket Pair's ambitious survival monster catcher that's still all over our timelines.

Despite a dip in players, the devs have assured us Palworld is a game on the up, with a beefy roadmap promising everything from new islands to the much-requested PvP. As we wait for the promised drop of new content, it's clear there's still plenty to unearth out there, and no, we don't just mean randy Loveanders

Palworld players find hidden spot for the perfect base

Over on Reddit, u/Pumpkeo has shared a hidden room that is the seemingly perfect place for a Palworld base. Much like when a burglar comes into your home or it catches fire in The Sims, there's nothing worse than seeing your hours of effort creating the perfect Palworld base destroyed by bandits.

Good luck finding this one, as a secluded spot inside a rocky cliff face is ready to welcome builders. To get to this hidden oasis, fast-travel to the Cinnamoth Forest, then follow the path south until you hit the curve. Go east along the rocks, find the glowing chest by the lake, then pat your Pal to get through the wall. 

The problem is, the comments prove that others have found this spot before the OP, meaning it won't be a secret for long. Thankfully, Palworld currently doesn't have PvP, meaning you should be safe from the game's AI for now. Still, you might want to think about moving your abode once others can join the party.

Is this the best base spot long-term?

Palworld base building
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Image via Pocket Pair

Others were impressed with this handy find, as one rival Pal player wrote, "Everyone’s talking about building their base there. I’m going to build a giant ass farm, all plots and hopefully fit some stone/wood generators, provided pathing allows for larger pals."

There could be a drawback to this, as some have pointed out that this void could be a holding space for a future update, potentially adding a boss battle to the hidden cave. If this is the case, all your hard work building a base would be ruined. 

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Thankfully, you're spoiled for choice in terms of options, with our list of best Palworld base locations highlighting the ore-heavy Mount Obsidian, fortified Fort Ruins, and more. If you're worried all your hard work will be wasted when PvP overhauls Palworld, don't worry - it's fairly easy to move your Palworld base, too. 

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