We don’t need Pokemon, Palworld now has Digimon mods

We don’t need Pokemon, Palworld now has Digimon mods
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1st Feb 2024 12:34

While it's true that few IPs quite have the pulling power of Pokemon, let's not forget there are plenty of other monster-catching franchises out there. From Monster Rancher to Cardcaptors, there are many who have 'captured' the spirit of young heroes trying to wrangle a bunch of weird and wonderful monsters.

Still, there's one main Pokemon rival that we tend to think of. If you were a child of the '90s, you tended to fall into either the Pokemon or Digimon camp. Digimon is sometimes unfairly dubbed a Pokemon rip-off, but with it starting a Tamagotchi-inspired series in 1997, they're nothing alike. 

Palworld embraces the Digimon mods

Garurumon Palworld mod
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Image via Neuxs Mods FrancisLouis

We've been candid about Palworld's woes, as the fan nickname of "Pokemon with guns" turned out to be the marketing department's biggest win and biggest curse. The Pokemon Company says it's keeping an eye on Palworld, while a recent Pokemon mod has been pulled. Nexus Mods has also banned Pokemon mods for Palworld.

Pokemon's loss is Digimon's gain, and while we can no longer swap Grizzbolt for Electabuzz, we've got the next best thing. Cue the iconic Digimon theme tune because Siliconera confirms modders SV BOY and FrancisLouis have swapped the titular Pals of Palworld for the digital monsters of Digimon.

SV Boy has switched Leezpunk, Bushind, and Relaxaurus for Gabumon, Omegamon, and Tyrannomon, while FrancisLouis swapped Eikthyrdeer for the fan-favourite Garurumon in Palworld. Seeing the cute anime eyes of these iconic Digimon has us questioning what a Palworld-inspired Digimon could've been like.

Palworld keeps breaking records

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Not long after Palworld outsold Pokemon Legends: Arceus and climbed to second place for the most concurrent players of all time on Steam, it's here to smash another record. Alongside its release on Steam, Palworld has been recruiting a legion of loyal fans on the Green Team.

Xbox Wire has confirmed that Palworld has broken the Game Pass record for the biggest third-party launch ever, as well as landing a whopping 19 million players since launch. The post reiterates Microsoft is working with Pocket Pair on dedicated servers and helping to prioritise Xbox players. 

Despite the looming threat of The Pokemon Company, things are still on an upward trajectory for Palworld. GamingGadgets.de reports that Palworld is also booming on Twitch, with a jaw-dropping 27,875,465 viewing hours streamed between January 23-30. That's compared to just 2,074,782 for Pokemon.

With PvP, new islands, and raid bosses on the horizon for Palworld, it's clear Pocket Pair has a plan to grow things. Now, the question is whether Palworld can dodge all those potential legal problems and also stand the test of time. Either way, we say the more the merrier with Palworld mods. 

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