Palworld players won’t stop being weird about ‘goth girl’ Bellanoir

Palworld players won’t stop being weird about ‘goth girl’ Bellanoir
Image via Pocket Pair | The Pokemon Company

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Tom Chapman


19th Mar 2024 13:01

Ah, another day of people behaving perfectly normally on the internet. While every corner of fandom has its randy cohorts, it's gamers once again proving they need to take a cold shower. This time, they're thirsting over the anthropomorphic creatures of Palworld

With Pocket Pair's open-world monster-catcher always pitched as a more adult evolution of Pokemon, there were no prizes for guessing it was more than just guns that set this game apart from The Pokemon Company's family-friendly franchise. If you thought Pokemon players trying to smash their 'Mon was something, welcome to Palworld.

Palworld players won't stop thirsting over Bellanoir

Palworld players are still losing it over 'goth girl' Bellanoir, showcasing why we can't have nice things. Pocket Pair gave a short introduction video to Bellanoir, who has the honour of being the game's first raid boss. We don't even know what type of Pal Bellanoir is, but that hasn't stopped you from airing your fantasies online.

Reddit is already full of some questionable comments and NSFW Bellanoir artwork. Even days after the reveal, some are horny on main. When GamesRadar ran an article on Bellanoir being our goth girlfriend, the Palworld community proudly declared that it was doing what everyone always knew it would - making things weird. 

When someone pointed out that Bellanoir looks like she's just some giant ball of fire in a dress, one redditor replied, "It's not the strangest thing I'll stick my d*ck into, but it might be the hottest. It might come out looking like a campfire Hotdog, but I got big sis Katress and mommy Lovander to heal me up so I can do it all over again."

Someone else added, "Don't doubt on the rule 34 artists lol they will find a way," while a third said, "Lovander, Katress, Wixen, Lunaris, and now Bellanoir. My harem is complete." Much like Resident Evil Village fans become obsessed with the giant Lady Dimitrescu stepping on them, those goth girls continue to set pulses racing. 

Palworld knows what it's doing with Pals

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Even seemingly innocuous artwork of Bellanoir is soon flooded with comments about "breeding" the Pal and others suggesting someone enhance its chest. After so many years of seeing Pokemon like Lopunny being sexualised, were you really surprised that it took all of 0.2 seconds for Bellanoir to get the same treatment? 

Thankfully, it seems Palworld devs are in on the joke. While The Pokemon Company's squeaky-clean image means it tries to shy away from that viral thread about Vaporeon being the most f***able Pokemon, Palworld seemingly wants you to knock boots with your Pals. 

We've previously discussed how Lovander's whole deal is to try and seduce players. With its Pal description and Paldeck number being 69, we know what Pocket Pair was thinking. After the ever-rampant Pokemon community started creating NSFW artwork of Gothitelle, it looks like Bellanoir is Palworld's answer. 

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