Palworld’s randiest Pal is setting pulses racing

Palworld’s randiest Pal is setting pulses racing
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Tom Chapman


29th Jan 2024 12:51

It looks like Pocket Pair's Palworld could be even more adult than we first thought, and while we've all heard the comparisons of it being Pokemon for adults, we weren't quite expecting it to be this raunchy. Yes, Palworld seems like it's one for the furries. 

We know that The Pokemon Company has raised a few eyebrows with the designs of some Pokemon, especially the bipedal ones with curvaceous figures. The likes of Lopubnny and Gardevoir have some questionable artwork out there, but with Palworld not having to conform to a family-friendly image, it's going full NSFW. 

Palworld's Lovander understands the assignment

As pointed out by PC Gamer, Lovander is a saucy little minx who's getting some players hot under the collar. If Lovander's place at number 69 in the Paldeck doesn't give you a clue, its come-to-bed eyes and description will make you realise that the Palworld designers knew exactly what they were doing here.

Lovander's description says, "Seeking a night of love, it is always chasing someone around. At first it only showed interest in other pals, but in recent years humans have become a target of its debauchery." There's been a long debate about whether humans used to bang Pokemon, but when it comes to Palworld, there's no question.

Worse yet, Lovander can attack your base as a pack of fangirls, as well as a gross addition that it drops "suspicious juices." There's also a theory that the cake it drops is slang for booty, meaning Lovander likes to throw it back. Okay internet, that's enough for today. 

Palworld can explore the seedier side of Pokemon 

Lovander is clearly a parody of Pokemon's Salazzle, which we didn't realise was supposed to be a sex symbol as a randy Velociraptor. Still, the Lovander obsession is here, and much like when Resident Evil Village's Lady Dimitrescu became an accidental heartthrob, the Lovander artwork is here.

Abiding by the whole Rule 34, there's plenty of racy Lovander art out there, but we'd advise you not to go looking for it. Despite its infancy, Palworld is already creating a stir with its adult content, such as the idea of selling your Pals into slavery or harvesting their organs for your own masochistic empire.

Even though Palworld has been accused of ripping off Pokemon designs, at least it can't be accused of ripping off Lovander's unquenchable thirst for screwing humans. You can breed Pals in Palworld, and while human relationships aren't here yet, Pocket Pair has a roadmap planned. It's implied, but please don't make f**kable Pals a thing. 

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