Lydia's Corpse Follows Horrified Skyrim Player

Lydia's Corpse Follows Horrified Skyrim Player

Written by 

Tom Chapman


5th Apr 2022 16:08

There are 66 followers in Skyrim, so how come we can only remember a handful of them? Standing out from the crowd is the long-suffering Lydia. When she's not protecting the Dragonborn, she's also a seemingly perfect candidate for marriage. Well, that's if you can keep her alive for long enough.

In the 11 years since The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim first came out, we've seen Lydia die a lot. Sadly, it's just one of those things, with death never far away in Tamriel. She's apparently had enough, and now, one player has shown a terrifying incident where the corpse of Lydia followed them around.

Why Is Dead Lydia Following You In Skyrim?

Posting on Reddit, u/SlavCevap shared footage of Lydia following them around and talking to them. Even though there's nothing too unusual about this, the fact it's creepy is because Lydia's character model is lying down and is seemingly dead. Lydia doesn't actually move, which makes her chattering corpse even more disturbing.

Other fans were suitably spooked by dead Lydia and shared their thoughts on the post. Someone joked, "Partied too hard with the greybeards," while another added, "Lydia’s stuck in 2008 - can’t imagine planking in 2022." A third chuckled, "Well, Jesus on a cracker. Just blow her off the mountain already."

Apparently, the OP isn't the first to find this broken Lydia taking up floor space in Skyrim. She'll reset back to normal after a while, but if you find yourself facing her, someone else suggested: "On PC, just click on her in console command, type disable followed with enable. But this goes away eventually anyway, so just be patient."


Are There More Skyrim Glitches?

You'll know this isn't the first Skyrim we've covered, with Tamriel being filled with various bugs over the years. A glitching Lydia is commonplace in Skyrim, with others previously sharing an incident where she hovered in mid-air and looked like she was possessed.

In terms of other glitches, we've seen NPCs being abducted by dragonflies and even a bizarre occurrence where a second Headless Horseman popped up. We know there are some horrific encounters out there in Elden Ring, but seeing the fan-favourite Lydia bobbing around as a ghostly spectre is one of the weirdest. Hopefully, she'll be back on her feet in no time. 


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