Logan Paul's Boxing Career Could Be Over Following Hand Injury

Logan Paul's Boxing Career Could Be Over Following Hand Injury
Images via YouTube | Logan Paul | Sky Sports Boxing

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Emma Hill


13th Apr 2022 14:29

YouTuber Logan Paul has revealed that he might have to hang up the gloves for good after sustaining a hand injury which can be "career-ending" for boxers. 

Logan Paul may be best known as a YouTuber and content creator but its career in boxing that has made him recognisable with an even wider audience, having fought none other than Floyd Mayweather in his last exhibition match, which followed on from two blockbuster fights against fellow YouTube star Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji aka "KSI".

However, it looks as if life in the ring could be all over for Logan as the YouTuber reportedly broke his hand after getting in a fistfight... with an arcade machine. 

How Did Logan Paul Break His Hand?

During his IMPAULSIVE podcast on April 12, Logan explained what went down which led to his hand being broken. Sitting alongside his fellow hosts George Janko and Mike Majlak, Logan described how he was visiting Hamburg, Germany with Majlak when they came across a bar that had a boxing machine.

However, The Maverick was warned against throwing any punches against the arcade game as it has claimed many victims in the past. As Logan explained: "The bartender made it very clear after he saw my vigour with the first punch that many men and women have broken their hand on the column next to the game. I said, guy, I'm a boxer. I'm not going to hit the f**king wall [...] I hit this thing as hard as I can and, sure enough, I hit the f**king column exactly where he said I would."

Logan immediately knew that he had "shattered" his hand and eventually made it to hospital after filming some more content. However, the night was ruined after he got the sad news that he had shattered his third metacarpal. According to Logan's doctors, "it's the most important joint in your hand, and for boxers, this is a career-ending injury."

Will Logan Paul Ever Be Able To Box Again?

Speaking about the podcast on his Twitter page, Logan simply stated: "I broke my hand, ended boxing career." However, it isn't entirely clear whether or not he will heed his doctor's advice and retire from boxing. Obviously, the news was nonetheless gutting for the YouTuber, who said it "was very hard to hear."

The news might be devastating for Logan's boxing career, but it hasn't deterred him from other rings. He recently appeared at WrestleMania 38. Not to mention, he still has to face up to Hasbulla's fight challenge. For now, at least, he's got his Pokémon card addiction to keep him busy during his recovery.


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