Hasbulla Challenges Logan Paul To A Fight

Hasbulla Challenges Logan Paul To A Fight
Image Credit: Hasbulla | Twitter | Logan Paul | YouTube

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Emma Hill


17th Jan 2022 17:31

Cruiserweight boxer and YouTuber Logan Paul has been challenged to a fight by none other than the legend himself, Hasbulla.

Hasbulla's face is everywhere and since he went viral in 2021, it's impossible to avoid him. The 19-year-old TikToker from Dagestan racked up a huge following on social media and has even caught the attention of famous faces such as podcaster Joe Rogan and MMA fighter Rafael Fiziev. While over in the red corner we have Logan Paul, the boxer and YouTuber with a passion for Pokémon and Game Boy Colours (just don't talk about his multi-million dollar fake Pokémon cards). Not to mention, he's got a dedicated fanbase who have stuck by his side ever since he started up on Vine way back in 2013. 

Sounds like a match made in Heaven. Well, that's certainly what Hasbulla thinks as he has challenged Paul to a fight between the two and Paul could not be more delighted for the offer.

When Did Hasbulla Challenge Logan Paul?

On January 15, Hasbulla posted a video on Twitter in which he issued the challenge against Paul for his "NFT". He served some real heavyweight vibes by pointing directly at the camera as he addressed Paul. To top it all off, he tried to intimidate Paul himself by throwing a couple of jabs at the camera and making a hissing noise.

The video quickly went became popular, earning over 20,000 likes as of writing. More than 200 fans also commented on the post with many impressed by the Mini Khabib's jabs, as one fan claimed: "I had to jump away from my phone screen those were vicious moves." While others stated that Paul might avoid agreeing to the fight because he "don't want that smoke."

How Did Logan Paul React To Hasbulla's Challenge?

It wasn't long before the video grabbed the attention of Logan Paul who shared the clip on his Instagram story (Thanks, Dexerto). He was clearly honoured by the challenge due to the "call out by the king himself". He then used a screenshot of White Goodman, Ben Stiller's gym-obsessed flowy-haired villain from Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story where Paul's signature snack move also comes from.

Paul didn't exactly say yes to the challenge. There were some who argued that it would seem an unfair fight with the 6 ft 3 inch tall Paul towering over 3 ft 3 inch Hasbulla. Although, anyone who's seen the Mini Khabib in action will know that would never stand in his way. 


Emma Hill is a former Junior Journalist at GGRecon.

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