Leaked Horizon Forbidden West Multiplayer Shows Co-Op Mode

Leaked Horizon Forbidden West Multiplayer Shows Co-Op Mode
Images: Guerilla Games

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Joseph Kime


30th Jan 2023 09:57

History has stood against Sony's Horizon series at every turn, and yet, Aloy is swiftly becoming one of the proudest mascots PlayStation has at its disposal.

Though Horizon Forbidden West had to stand up against Elden Ring on its release date, the game was still an absolute treat for fans of Zero Dawn.

Forbidden West proved that even despite the series' flaws, Aloy is a true force of nature - and with so many upcoming projects based on Horizon, it would be no surprise to see her grow even stronger.

We have a new VR title to look forward to, and a mysterious Netflix series in the works to bring the games to live-action - but now, we have our first look at something entirely new.

Horizon Multiplayer Footage Has Leaked

Guerilla Games' upcoming co-op mode for Horizon Forbidden West has reportedly leaked, with footage flooding onto the internet.

The Horizon subreddit has given way to a new post from user BirdOnWheels that reveals an early look at the planned co-op addition to Forbidden West. Even though it looks pretty janky as an early build, it seems pretty legit.

The footage has since been stripped from the subreddit by its moderators, adding further validity to claims that it's real - but it's still viewable to all, and it's certainly fascinating.

There were many who decried the idea of the mode, suggesting that the game couldn't make the transition to multiplayer, but we could be about to be proven wrong.

Fans React To Horizon Co-Op's Character Models

Though the footage we've seen here is very early, and will likely see a lot of changes before launch, players are are roasting the video's player models. Notably, these models have a vastly different design from the characters of Horizon that we recognise.

"I really really really really really really really hope that they keep it closer to the games, that looks hideous and VERY far from the style of Horizon," says one comment. "Those characters have no continuity with the main games."

Thankfully, though, it's not all hate - "Thank you for sharing this, it's so interesting!" says one user. "I personally don't have a problem with them trying a new style and it's obvious this is very early." Apparently, the footage comes from 2020, so it's likely already changed a lot. 

Whatever you think of the style of the Horizon multiplayer, to be offered some kind of way to explore this vast world is a treat in itself. Does anyone fancy hunting some robots?

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