Horizon Forbidden West Door Codes: Every Door Code

Horizon Forbidden West Door Codes: Every Door Code
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24th Feb 2022 20:45

Stuck behind a door searching for a Horizon Forbidden West Door Code?

Horizon Forbidden West occasionally asks players to find the code to open a door in their way. Not all door codes are obvious or easy to find. For help getting through those doors, here is every Horizon Forbidden West Door Codes

Horizon Forbidden West Door Codes: Main Quest

These are the code locked doors that you will encounter while completing the main quest.

  • Death’s Door Code - 7482
  • Cradle of Echoes - 237

Horizon Forbidden West Door Codes: Side Quests

These are the door codes you will need when completing side quests in Horizon Forbidden West.

  • Nights of Lights - 739135
  • Forbidden Legacy (Door 1) - 102023
  • Forbidden Legacy (Door 2) - 4020625

Horizon Forbidden West Door Codes: Relic Ruins

Several of the Relic Ruins in the game have doors that need codes to open. Here are all the codes you will need while delving for ancient treasures.

  • The Daunt - 1705
  • No Man’s Land - 2204
  • Restless Weald - 1923
  • Isle of Spires (Door 1) - 109
  • Isle of Spires (Door 2) - 2109
  • Isle of Spires (Door 3) - 2109109

Horizon Forbidden West Door Codes: The Base

There is a locked door in your base in Horizon Forbidden West. To open it you need to enter the following code.

  • Base Door Code - 9626118

That is every code for every door in Horizon Forbidden West. For more helpful tips, why not check out Horizon Forbidden West Cauldron Locations.


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