Horizon Forbidden West DLC Teased By Job Listing

Horizon Forbidden West DLC Teased By Job Listing
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Joseph Kime


29th Sep 2022 11:29

Horizon could go on forever, and we'd have no complaints. The universe that the Horizon series has taken us to is one of gaming's most sprawling and gorgeous - displaying a strange techno-futuristic post-apocalypse that sees nature and machine claw to reclaim the planet.

It's a curious land, but one we'll struggle to grow tired of when we're poking around in all of its nooks and crannies. We're always keen for more Horizon - which is good news, as it looks like Forbidden West could be getting some DLC.

Will There Be A Horizon Forbidden West DLC?

Horizon Landscape
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A new job listing for a senior character artist at Guerrilla Games has seemingly revealed that there could be some DLC yet to come from Horizon Forbidden West. One of the primary requirements of the role is simple - "bringing the diverse tribes of Horizon's worlds to life."

"Working hand-in-hand with peers in other teams at Guerrilla, as well as external partners, this international team of creative problem solvers produces a large variety of content while retaining a tight-knit culture," the listing continues.

It's an interesting advert that seems to imply that more tribes beyond the core five we've seen in the game so far could be coming to the game. This definitely implies that more content is coming to Horizon Forbidden West. It's exciting to know that more could be on the way, and even more that we could meet new characters along the way.


When Can We Expect Horizon DLC?

It seems as though the plans for the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West DLC are in the very early stages, so it might be a little soon to be getting our hopes up. Still, a launch at some point in 2023 (perhaps later on in the year) could be on the cards.

There's clearly a lot left to explore in the worlds of Horizon, and with the potential to expand Aloy's story in Horizon 3, it would be nice to focus on someone else in a DLC. Either way, we can't wait to see what's in store for the next chapter in the Horizon story.

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