Horizon TV Series Name Could Be A Massive Story Spoiler

Horizon TV Series Name Could Be A Massive Story Spoiler
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Joseph Kime


29th Jun 2022 12:37

The world of Sony's Horizon games is pretty magnificent. Say what you will about the titles themselves, but they've made Aloy a staple of the PlayStation brand, while the world she inhabits is quite the sight to behold. You only have to look at how Horizon Forbidden West made the most of the PS5's visual capabilities.

As Netflix starts to rub its hands together at the prospect of the franchise's success, it's confirmed that we've got a live-action Horizon series in the works for the streaming service. With the first details on cast and story already out there, the show might've spoiled itself already.

Has The Horizon's Series Spoiled Its Own Story?

The new Horizon series has a title, and there's every chance that we can guess how the story will unfold from the two-word name alone. We might be used to Aloy battling robotic dinosaurs, but by the sounds of it, she won't be popping up in this one. 

As revealed by industry insider Jeff Grubb, the series is set to be titled Horizon 2074, as has been identified by an entry on the Director's Guild of Canada website. The same site revealed that it will begin its shooting in Toronto.

Grubb also confirms this news, and suggests that the series is likely recording in Canada to meet the conditions of the tax incentives that studios earn from creating film and TV in certain areas of the world. Remember, we saw HBO's The Last of Us series do the same thing ahead of its release next year. But, that's not all - the title alone gives us a hint as to what lies in wait for us in the show.

What Can We Learn About Horizon 2074's Title?

The name of the Horizon series implies that it'll be taking place in the year 2074. Canonically in the Horizon universe, this is shortly after the fall of civilisation in 2066. So, it's likely we'll see something much more in line with typical ideas of a post-apocalypse than the games have dealt with so far, as they take place about 1,000 years afterwards.

It's an interesting turn to take for the series, and to step into uncharted waters is pretty new for Horizon - but we're all for it. After all, if the first Horizon series turns out to be pants, we can just ignore it if it takes place a millennium away from Aloy's story and then start again. Still, here's hoping it's the next big thing like The 100 could've been. 

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