Horizon Zero Dawn Demake Puts Aloy On The PS1

Horizon Zero Dawn Demake Puts Aloy On The PS1
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17th May 2022 14:28

The demake is a trend in game development that has proven itself to be an absolute delight. Seemingly kicking off with the massively loved demake of Bloodborne, the trend has gone into overdrive with fans recreating their favourite games with a crunchy retro new lick of paint.

It's spreading fast across the entire internet. Games from a multitude of genres - and even games that never actually existed - are in development for all manner of consoles. Now, a modern PlayStation classic has finally been given the pixelated treatment.

What Is The Horizon Zero Dawn Demake?

A brand-new video posted to YouTube has showed off exactly what Horizon Zero Dawn would look like if it was developed with the first PlayStation console in mind. Remembering that this is the game that made Aloy a surefire PlayStation mascot, the Horizon Zero Dawn demake is a big deal. 

The video was posted by YouTuber ZeoNyph and is a 60-second peek into what the opening sequence of what Horizon Zero Dawn would look like if it were developed for the PS1. There's even the Sony Computer Entertainment logo and the video rendered in 320x240 for bonus authenticity.

According to the video's description, the Horizon Zero Dawn demake is inspired by the likes of Tomb Raider and Resident Evil. Looking at the video, it's clear to see the influence. It makes us question why Sony wasn't giving us Horizon 25 years ago.


What Other Demakes Are In The Works?

Of course, there's Lilith Walther's demake of Bloodborne, which was followed heavily during development and has now been released for players to download on PC - but there are a surprising amount of demakes actually in development now.

As the game of the moment since 2022 began, Elden Ring has been added to the long list, as well as Portal and Resident Evil Village being crunchified for classic hardware. Plus, one developer is creating a Metroid game that never existed - imagining what a Metroid title would look like on the N64. It's a trend that's fuelled entirely by nostalgia, but frankly, we wouldn't have it any other way. The devolution is now.


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