Sony Reveals PSVR2... Immediately Regrets It

Sony Reveals PSVR2... Immediately Regrets It
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2nd Nov 2022 16:45

Oh Sony, what have you done? While we always knew the PSVR2 was on the way as the follow-up to 2016's underrated peripheral, we doubt anyone expected it to go down in flames so quickly. From lacklustre game offerings to an astronomical price tag, the PSVR2 is being ripped apart on social media.

Let's be honest, VR hasn't really taken off in the way it should've. Facebook led the way with the Oculus, the Metaverse gets panned at every turn, and it's largely horror games like Resident Evil 7 VR that are remembered for frightening the pants off us. Still, Sony is going all-in on the PSVR2.

Why Is Everyone Hating The PSVR2?



The gaming giant has just confirmed the PSVR2 will release on February 22 and cost $550/£530/€600. Given that it costs more than an actual PlayStation 5, you might be asking what you'll get. For that, you get a PSVR2 headset and its controllers, as well as some stereo headphones... that's literally it. Oh, and all your old PSVR titles won't work due to a lack of backward compatibility. 

If you've got even more money lying around, there's the Horizon Call of the Mountain bundle that comes with the above at the upcoming VR game. That one will cost $600/£570/€650. The announcement of the PSVR2 should've come with much fanfare. Sony even championed its potential with a glossy blog post saying 11 new titles are on the way.

Sadly, the industry is a mess right now. Stock issues still plague new-gen consoles, Microsoft admits it loses hundreds on every Xbox, and Sony is two million subscribers down since PS Plus was relaunched. It's probably not the best time to launch a pricey VR headset - especially when you've apparently cancelled your end-of-year showcase due to a row with Microsoft.

Fans React To PSVR2



As you can imagine, the reception was about as warm as Midgard in God of War Ragnarok. On Twitter, one critic raged, "I can't believe the PSVR2 is more expensive than the PS5 which I still can't buy," while another fumed, "This is actually more expensive then the f*****g PS5. What a joke. If u buy this you have no self respect." A third joked, "Hello would anyone like me to review the PSVR2 for them? My price is £530."

Others were a little less sceptical. Someone added, "Only one or two PSVR2 titles have truly caught my attention and no backward compatibility means I would have both PSVR at home when I'm severely lacking space, so I don't see anything justifying such an investment for now." There were also those who said it costs less than the PSVR did with all the trimmings when launched. The jury is out for now, but it's not a good look for the much-hyped PSVR successor.

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