Horizon Forbidden West Deep Trouble: How To Find And Complete

Horizon Forbidden West Deep Trouble: How To Find And Complete
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24th Feb 2022 20:45

Looking to complete the Horizon Forbidden West Deep Trouble side quest? Then this handy guide will see you right.

Horizon Forbidden West has dozens of side quests and activities for players to find and complete. One of the earliest side quests you can find, but also one that is easy to miss, is Deep Trouble. Here is everything you need to know to start and finish Horizon Forbidden West Deep Trouble.

Horizon Forbidden West Deep Trouble: How To Begin

Horizon Forbidden West Deep Trouble - how to begin
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To begin this side quest, you need to head to a corner of the map you might have missed entirely. In the north-eastern region called The Daunt, head to the north-east of Chainscrape. Back towards the gondola Aloy rode down into the Forbidden West for the first time, there is a small canyon that leads north and to the west. In the western corner of that area, you will find the Crimson Narrows mine.

Make your way to this mine, and you will find two people outside. Korvend, the foreman of the mine, is tending to one of his workers. Approach Korvend to hear what happened and begin the side quest.

Horizon Forbidden West Deep Trouble: Enter The Mine

Horizon Forbidden West Deep Trouble - enter the mine
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Korvend will tell you that there was a cave-in after they were blasting a vein and something went wrong. The mine has flooded, and the workers were injured. Although some got out, two members of the crew are still inside. The miners are too hurt to go back in, so it’s now on you to rescue them.

Head inside the mine and follow the quest marker to your destination. Head down into the water and swim deeper into the mine. This is doable without the diving mask, but obviously, life is easier when you don’t have to worry about drowning. Follow the marker and you will find the two stranded miners. One of them is too injured to swim, so the water is going to have to be drained.

Aloy and one of the miners will suggest that they should use the remaining explosives to open a way for the water to escape. This is a terrible idea, here is how to accomplish it.


Horizon Forbidden West Deep Trouble: Clear The Water

Horizon Forbidden West Deep Trouble - clear the water
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To get started, swim to the next explorable area of the mine. Once there, you will see a minecart on a track above, filled with explosives. To get to it, swim across to the ledge underneath. Climb the ladder above you, then jump across the yellow beams. This will take you into another room, filled with Burrowers. Your options are to sneak past or take them out. You can use the water below for stealth if that is your preference.

The exit from this room is directly above where you came in. Go up the rocks where the Burrowers are, follow the tracks and use the small cave to get back into the previous room. Now you will be level with the minecart, so head over to it and ignite the explosives. Aloy will push the cart off the tracks and blow a hole in the wall for the water to drain out.

After this, machines will burst into the room and attack. Either defeat the machines or run past them, then head back to where you found the miners. Talk to them, then head back out the way you came. No swimming this time, just walk back through the mine. Once outside, speak with Korvend to let him know his miners are safe and complete the side quest.

That is everything you need to know to complete Horizon Forbidden West Deep Trouble. For more tips on the game, why not check out another side quest like Horizon Forbidden West Drowned Hopes.


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